Organising Christmas Presents

I don’t know if your house is like mine but at this time of the year I’m hazarding a guess that it is – each new post brings another catalogue filled with must have Christmas present gift ideas for all the family.

These will stay in our kitchen for a few weeks, with myself and Paul browsing through – we will fold down a corner of those pages which interest us, those gifts we fancy then if after a few weeks we haven’t ordered them they get thrown away.

At Christmas time it’s different, we really need to sit down and plan who is getting which present and to remember which we have already bought.

This year I’m organising myself better with the help of Post-It notes new Index range, these are smaller versions of Post-It notes perfect for page marking and flagging important things of interest to come back to at a later date.

This year I’ve a binder and when we flag a present which we think we could buy for Grandparents, the kids or other family members I cut it out of the magazine and stick onto a dedicated page in that binder.

Paul’s present list

I also have a list at the back of the page which reminds me where each of the gifts are from and how I can order them (as I would never remember otherwise).

My binder has different pages for:

  • Emmy
  • Harry
  • Paul
  • Grandparents
  • Nephews
  • Nan
  • Other family members
  • and of course I’ve a wish list for myself

I’ve got Index notes in my Filofax so I can organise on the go:

Are you organised this year?  How to you keep track of the gifts you have already bought and those you still need to buy?

For more ideas on how to use these new Index Post-It’s you can visit the Post-It Facebook Page.

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