Organising my chaos in bite sized pieces

My Dad will be the first to tell you my house is messy 🙁 He always comments on something when he comes over.
It’s really not that messy just a little untidy at times and that’s not at all surprising considering I’ve a 1 and 3 year old, a dog  and a husband.
The toys have taken over the house and although we’ve a large house storage space is minimal.
The end result is things never being put tidily away as they have no home.  Paper work is filed on top of the microwave and anything which doesn’t have a home lives on the worktop in the kitchen, and whenever the kids have toys in their hands they end up in the kitchen for some unknown reason.
I’m fed up with it now and things had to change.
I’m beginning to tackle this chaos in bite sized pieces a little at a time.
By doing little jobs daily and not trying to tackle it in one go I’ve begun to get a nice routine going and the housework isn’t getting on top of me any more.
  • Each evening I wipe down the bathroom with bathroom cleaner, straighten the towels and put bleach down the loo.
  • I make sure everything is washed up before going to bed, or if I’m just too tired it goes into hot soapy water to soak over night (the dishwasher broke again).
  • I put the washing in a basket ready to put on in the morning or I put into the machine with the powder ready to turn on in the morning.
  • In the morning before coming downstairs (as long as everyone is up) I make our beds and open the curtains.
  • I make a coffee using my Tassimo,  so while that’s pouring I turn on the washing machine and put away the now dry dishes.

  • After breakfast all washing up is done and left to drain (as with every meal).
  • I’ve now introduced an ‘odds n sods’ basket which lives in the kitchen.  Anything left in the kitchen which doesn’t belong there gets thrown into the basket and when I leave the room I take the basket and find homes for all the things.  Once this is empty again it comes into the front room with me and anything which doesn’t belong there gets thrown into the basket and then I put it away.  This carries on throughout the day moving between rooms with the basket.  This simple thing has made a huge difference as I would get distracted mid tiding and things would just be moved from one room to another without being put away.

  • As soon as the washing machine has finished I put the washing into my new heated airer and put it straight away when it’s dry.
  • I also hoover every day – I have to with a large moulting dog
  • I also put away the dishes once they have dried (I hate drying up so let them air dry).

Anything else which gets done is a bonus but for once I’m up to date with the washing, toys are away and my kitchen work surfaces are as clean as they will get for a while.  I plan to add one new job to my daily cleaning schedule a week.

Today I started tackling the kids clothes drawers – I was fed up with only putting the kids into the same clothes as when they are all stacked up it’s hard to see what is at the bottom of the pile so I changed them around and I think it works better as I can see all the clothes in the drawer.

Next on my list is some proper filing system for our paperwork.

38 thoughts on “Organising my chaos in bite sized pieces

  1. We have a basket like that 🙂 I've been trying to get the house sorted and decluttered in little steps too. The difference in how I feel when I go to bed is huge and motivates me to keep going.

  2. Sounds like you're doing great. This would come in very handy if we weren't about to move. I am determined to keep everything, clean, neat and tidy when we move. (But I will bookmark this post just in case I slip up!) 🙂 x

  3. Good luck with the paperwork and filing. I hate that one the most. Even more than ironing…
    I love tidying the house it gives me a sense of control and order in my life. But I am crazy so what are you gonna do? Any way just wanted to say I love your drawer idea. It's brilliant. Just sorry I didn't know about it before I moved them to a proper wardrobe 🙂

  4. You are doing so well. I don't think I actually saw my carpet till both my kids were over 5. I'm not joking! We to what we can as mums, and I used to have a stair basket, that went on the stairs for odds and sods that had to go upstairs. I loved it! I think you can still buy them from Lakeland – I must get a new one.
    I love the pinterest inspired idea of popping the tops in the drawer that way so you can see everything you have. Do you find it workable, or do all the tops pull out when you go to grab one?
    Little steps sounds fab – and it looks like you are doing really well – keep at it 🙂

    1. I've also a stair basket. I love it. Everything to go up stairs gets thrown in there until i next go up.

      ummmm it's actually ok as long as there is a gap as such and you hold the top next to it before you pull.

  5. oh yes, odds and sods basket a real winner! I hate all the paperwork that ends up on our kitchen worktop too – unopened letters belonging to other half and lists galore from me! Must change… you're right, little steps 🙂

  6. Wow, your organisation is impressive. I love the idea of an odds and sods box. And the drawer is so tidy. Unfortunately, my older two dress themselves, and this means they rifle through the clothes, messing up all my hard work.

  7. Wow, you are doing well! I have a three year old and a three month old and I'm trying to get a hold on the mess round mine at the moment, do far I have got rid of the clothes mountain in our room, which I figure is a pretty good start 🙂

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