Our after school essentials

It’s been a week back at school for both of mine and we have fallen into a routine pretty quickly again, although getting up and out of the door by 8.30am is going to take some practicing and a few more alarms may need to be set around the house.
Harry started doing 2 full days in pre-school, while Emmy entered year 1.  It’s a long day for them both as we walk to school and back daily so we are leaving at 8.30am and returning at 3.30pm with two very tired and hungry children.
I don’t want them to fill up after school on too many snacks but at the same time it is nice to allow them to have a little treat after such a long and busy day.
I’ve found this week, my essential items for after school have been:
I’ve been allowing the children to take the lead after school somewhat and mainly they have just wanted to have a small snack so have been helping themselves to one thing from my retro sweets jar, I don’t mind them doing this as it is usually just a small sweet which won’t fill them up too much, and thankfully them seem to like all the ones I’m not too keen on.
If they don’t choose one of these they have been opting for some maltesers in their SnackyWonder cups and some squash or apple juice – I prefer these snack cups for when they are lounging around on the sofa as they are least likely to make a mess when they relax too much, or in Harry’s case fall asleep.
Odviously their Kindle’s feature highly on their favourite items – whether it to be watch Netflix on (they each like different programmes currently so if I add earphone they are both happy, or they can play their games depending on how tired they are feeling.
Lastly is my Mummy favourite item, my slowcooker.  It is so easy to pop dinner into this in the morning and then not have to worry about sharing my attention in the evening when they are very tired and need me the most – this week we have had a stew, Bolognese and sausage casserole already by the evenings and over the weekend I will use it too so we can go off and have some adventures.
We are also using this tired evening period to get homework and reading done and most importantly, snuggle, cuddle and talk about our day.
How have your children coped with the back to school routine?


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