Our Cravendale Experience

Cravendale have launched their latest coupon offer. Collected labels from special Cravendale bottles and redeem against days out or activities.
Cravendale offered me the choice of local activities or attractions in my area, I was given the chance to choose between:
  • A drama class for Emmy
  • Canoeing
  • A gymnastics class for Emmy
  • Lee valley park farms
  • Badminton
I opted to visit the farm for our Cravendale Experience.  A day out we could all enjoy!
Lee Valley Park Farm (Hayes Hill Farm) is 5 minutes from my house and somewhere we have been on numerous occassions, admittedly not this year,  it was on our Summer to do list but time ran out.
The farm itself is rather small, aimed at younger children mainly with not all that many animals.
Hayes Hill Farm, arms, Lee Valley Park Farm, CravendaleThis is perfect though for my 2 as they are young and Emmy gets tired wandering around for too long as at the end of the day she is still only 3 and a half.
You will find the basic farm and small animals here: cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits, tortoises,  guinea pigs, goats etc.
Depending on when you visit various activities are available. During school holidays and weekends you can listen to a ‘hug a husky’ talk where you can get up close and stroke the huskys and hear about what they eat and how they excercise, race and train etc.  In the holidays you are also able to watch pig races and pet some of the animals.
The whole farm is buggy friendly and easy for little ones to see all of the animals via low viewing panels and child accessable feeding holes in some of the pens.
We bought some animal feed from the shop and Emmy loved the freedom of feeding the animals herself.
Inside the farm there are two play grounds which helps to burn off the kids energy.  Newer additions are a bouncy hill (think huge hill shaped bouncy castle), santa’s launch pad (a hill which you slide down on a rubber ring -which  Emmy liked). There are ride on mini tractors and diggers for little legs and a large enclosed sandpit with sit on diggers which kept Emmy happy for ages.

Lee Valley Park Farms, Hayes Hill Farm, Cravendale
There is also a mini soft play area. When I say mini I do mean it – it’s tiny and sectioned into 2 parts. One for under 3’s which Harry loved and an older part.  While Harry loved his side…climbing the steps, sitting on the animals, ball pond and slide, Emmy had little to do in the older part as it was so small. When busy it’s heaving inside and best to avoid.

We lunched in the cafe which is reasonably priced and the food was good with a great choice. Harry had a kids lunchbox containing 5 items, Emmy had a hotdog, Paul opted for burger & chips while I had a bagette with salad. With 2 hot drinks it came to £21.10 which was less than I expected.
After lunch we went to catch the tractor to the dairy farm. Daddy and Emmy hopped on the tractor while I chose to walk with the buggy so Harry could have a snooze. Its not a long walk 7/8 minutes tops and I actually beat the tractor.
At the dairy farm you have the chance to wander around looking at the baby calfs, play on the cow rockers, and milk the plastic cow. Then you can go into the milking shen and watch the cows being hooked up and milked.  Emmy loved this and didn’t want to leave.  The tractor comes back every 15 minutes so you can stay as long as you like.
Lee Valley Park Farm, Cravendale, Hayes Hill Farm
For a very small farm we actually spent 4 hours there and could have wandered around the animals some more if it weren’t for the rain.
I think the farm is slightly over priced for what is there however as I think its perfect for under 5’s – if you visit during the week term time it’s a LOT cheaper and I plan to start taking Emmy and Harry on Friday’s as Emmy isn’t at school then and Harry is free until he is 2 so it would cost less than £10, taking a packed lunch and its a very fun and cheap day local day out.
I was passed the Love Cravendale baton by Mandi at www.hexmum.blogspot.co.uk I am now passing the Cravendale Baton onto Helen at www.kiddycharts.com to share the Cravendale love.

You can visit Lovecravendale and register to be in with the chance to have your own Love Cravendale experience.

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