Our February Half Term

Apologises for the lack of posts recently, we’ve been busy spending some much needed family time together on holiday.

I had grand plans of being organised and scheduling posts for our absense however as always life throws a curve ball and my Nan was admitted to hospital spending 11 days in getting treatment for what was originally thought to be pneumonia but was a bad chest infection and symptoms of her Dementia. My Dad visited daily getting there at 9am and staying till late afternoon, with other family visiting daily too. I tried to get over as much as I could….so of course those posts went unwritten and the pages neglected but family comes first every time.

I was in need of half term just as much as the kids were, we’ve all had horrid colds and coughs since Christmas and I’m fed up having broken sleep and feeling like a zombie.

Half term kicked off with Emily’s main birthday present, I’d booked very good seats for her and myself to see Matilda in the West End. Her favourite movie of all time and she loves the book just as much. As the seats were so expensive we decided it would just be the two of us and the boys headed off to The Natural History Museum for the day.

She loved the show so much, sitting on the edge of her seat throughout completely mesmorised, I had mixed thoughts on it but that’s best left for another post.

We met up with the boys after and grabbed some food before getting home around 8.30pm and then madly packing to head to Cornwall on the Sunday.

Leaving later on the Sunday than planned we didn’t arrive at Auntie Diane’s house until 8pm but we’re greeted with hugs, drinks and a roast dinner….and our holiday begun.

Possibly for the first time since we’ve been taking the kids yearly to Cornwall we were met with rain, it had been raining almost solidly since September and they had even had snow with is rather rare for those parts.

The rain broke so we headed to Paradise Park to see the animals. The kids love being outdoors and combine with animals and a treasure trail they were happy. It was our first time visiting the park and although small the kids had fun and lived the outdoor playground and the soft play which we took cover in when it did start to rain again.

Plans to eat in the pub next door to the park were scampered as the kitchen had closed, this is something we aren’t used to as pubs at home and of course in London serve food all day every day, instead we headed back to Auntie Diane’s.

We all love staying here, it’s a home from home and the kids adore their dad’s Auntie, who’s now taken on a Nanny role for them.

Emmy was started off knitting again, something she picks up every time we visit and Harry played with his toys for the rest of the day.

The sea air always knocks us all out and I had no trouble getting the kids to bed this holiday, in fact we were all in bed rather early all week!

Tuesday was another wet day and the passed weeks of school/work and busy weekends caught up with us all so we happily all stayed in, with Harry and myself even heading upstairs for an afternoon snuggle, movie and 40 winks while Paul napped on the sofa and Emmy and Di popped to the craft stores for more knitting supplies.

Wednesday…again rained so we went to the local soft play centre, the kids had a great time and us adults sat drinking coffee and nattering away.

On Thursday we left Mullion and headed to stay at The Headland Hotel in Newquay, we were lucky enough to be guests for a review trip for 2 nights staying in the hotel on Thursday and then moving to one of their cottages for our last night. More on the hotel and facilities of course in another post.

The hotel overlooks Fistral bay so that was our first port of call followed by fish and chips in the Rick Steins restaurant there, we weren’t all that keen on the food and the kids sadly didn’t eat much at all but that’s nothing new for them.

The kids and Paul then went for a swim in the hotel pool while I enjoyed a nice hot coffee in our room and relaxed for an hour in our quiet room……bliss!

The following day as they always do the kids woke early so I took them swimming while Paul slept before breakfast.

Then it was back to the beach for some rock climbing….I held the bag at the top and let Paul do this, I didn’t fancy getting wet or dirty.

We then headed into Newquay to go to Pirate’s Quest which is a walk through pirate adventure. Think Shrek’s Adventure style but set on a Pirate ship with actors dressed as Pirate’s, I’ll have a full post on that in the week…spoiler alert, Harry cried.

Emmy now has a phobia of seagulls after grabbing some snacks at the bakers in town as one went for her biscuit but missed and flew into her head. Poor love is now terrified of them, of course not helped by us laughing about it…..bad parents, we hadn’t seen t all as she was walking behind us therefore didn’t realise it actually hurt her.

The rest of the evening was spent in our cottage before packing up the car and meeting old friends at Watergate Bay for a few hours before heading home.

Two sets of our friends have now moved to Cornwall and we try hard to meet up with them when we holiday here. It was so lovely spending a few hours with them and their kids, of course as always it wasn’t long enough but we did all have a very good gossip, chat and will all see each other again in May as Tom and Caroline are getting married.

Watergate bay cornwall

It’s always sad to leave Cornwall, it’s our happy place but it’s only briefly as we will be back again very soon.

There was no rest once home again as I started decorating Harry’s bedroom that evening.

It’s finished now but I’ll write a full room tour in another post….you can have a sneak peak over on Instagram if you can’t wait that long.


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