Our great day out – Lollibops 2012

After the success of our visit to the Lollibops festival last year, we just had to go again this year – and once again we had an amazing time.

This year Emmy was able to enjoy more and run around independently with her friend Lily-Sue and she was also able to tell us where she wanted to go and when.

Our day was dictated to by a 2.5 year old all day long – and she had a whale of a time (we won’t be making a habit of letting her dictate our days out however this day was solely aimed at her so it seemed fitting to allow her the freedom).

Our day started with a train journey (one of Emmy’s favourite things to do) meeting with Dani – Blog by Baby and her eldest 2 children and Liz – Hart of the Munchkin Patch with Lily-Sue.  We then had a casual stroll down to Regents Park – the kids were all walking and holding hands so it took a while to get there.  Then the excitement began.

We all headed in together, the children running excitedly to the entrance and the memories of last year came flooding back for them.

This year the layout inside seemed better planned and there was more shelter/shaded areas to hide in and chill out in. 

First off we went to see the Zingzilla’s – Emmy was very excited to see them but refused to go up close for a cuddle this time around, maybe stage fight or maybe star struck.
We also saw Billy Bear who we are looking forward to seeing again at Butlins in March next year when we are holidaying as Butlins Ambassadors 2012-2013.  Emmy was a little uneasy however warmed very quickly to him once I told her he would be on our holiday.

I am a Circle
Mr Maker

Mr Maker was a huge hit with both Emmy and Lily-Sue who couldn’t get enough of his show, so much so that Emmy even pretended to be a Circle to entertain her friend.

This was then followed by the Gruffalo, which both girls had been excited to see however didn’t capture their attention for too long as it was the full length stage show – and at the age of 2 with other distractions around was never going to keep them on their little bottoms for too long.  They managed about 3/4 of it before we left to find the under 3’s area where they had a great time in the soft play, magic tent and playing with slides, play houses and WOW Toys.

There were plenty of food facilities, toilets and tent areas equipped with activities for the children.  We spent the entire day there and still didn’t manage to get around and see everything.

 Lily-Sue & Emmy

We highly recommend you visit next year.  We hope to!!

For official pictures of the weekend please visit www.lollibopfestival.co.uk

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