Our holiday to Butlins – the accommadation – Reef apartment Wave Hotel

Having been to Butlins many times before and staying in the chalet style accommadation it was a HUGE difference arriving on our holiday and checking into the new Wave Hotel at Bognor Regis.

Butlins, wave hotel, bognor regis

We were originally going with my parents so had booked into a 3 bedroom Reef apartment, we were very lucky and we were able to keep this apartment booking when my parents were unable to come with us after all.

Emmy was very taken with the water feature in the entrance and kept running off to go and play with it, when we finally got her past that we were greeted by friendly staff at the reception desk who gave us our room cards, food passes and site passes.

Wave hotel, bognor

It was then a job to get Emmy past the lifts – she wanted to play in them all.  There are 4 in total each featuring underwater pictures and each playing different music, all with a quirky sign telling you how many underwater creatures could fit into the lift.

Wave hotel, bognor

Just incase you can’t see the sign properly it say: 9 persons max or 978 Octopus, 689 turtles, 362 clown fish, 53 starfish, 2 seahorses.  Emmy found this very amusing!

Upon arrival at our apartment Emmy wanted to open the door – she was able to do this very easily as you just swipe your keycard over the lock and it opens, no inserting or swiping as with most hotel room doors.  From there on in Emmy decided it was her job to lead us from the lift to our apartment on the second floor and to open the door.

Once inside I was really surprised at just how large the space was.  Some of the rooms were bigger than ours at home!  We were greeted with a huge hallway which had a large full length mirror in it, a coat rack, box seating with built in shoe/bag storage.  This space was large enough to keep Harry’s buggy in without folding with loads of room left.

The master bedroom contained a kingsized bed, 2 bedside tables, 2 wardrobes – one containing the safe and the other had an ironing board and iron inside.  There was also a dressing table with stool and mirror with the hairdryer conviently placed.  We also hired a travel cot with we placed in this room against a wall with still plenty of room left in the room (It was bigger than my master bedroom at home).  There was also an en-suite with a large shower.

reef apartment, wave hotel, butlins

Emmy’s room was a good size just perfect for her, it contained bunk beds and a large wardrobe/shelving area.  The bunk beds weren’t just ordinary bunk beds though, these were Butlins bunk beds!  Each had a TV with built in DVD player at the foot of the bed and special under bunk lighting which Emmy loved.  Emmy even slept all night in her bottom bunk (she was in our bed at home so this was a miracle) – Thank you Butlins, we slept well as did Emmy.

bunk beds in reef apartment, wave hotel, butlins

We were amazed at the size of the living space, a huge lounge with kitchen and dining area greeted us with a large balcony which wrapped around the whole of this space, round Emmys room and to the main bedroom too (a space large enough for Emmy to let off steam in before bed if she had any energy left, which was rare).

The kitchen was fully equiped with everything you could need should you want to eat in, as well as a microwave, oven and dishwasher.  The microwave and was very handy for steralising Harry’s bottles as I took a travel microwave steraliser and useful for warming them for his night feeds on my nights off (Paul took over the night feeds for a few nights to allow me a much needed break and undisturbed sleep).

The finishing touches to the lounging area were great and extrememly topical – a large mural fish wall and a fish shaped chalk board.  These were tied into the rest of the apartment with deckchair pictures and wave designs in the bathrooms.

butlins, reef apartment

The family bathroom had the hugest bath I’ve come across in a hotel, I couldn’t lay down in it as I’m short and kept slipping under, Paul on the other hand loved it as he can’t lay down in our bath at home so enjoyed this luxury.

Lastly in our apartment was our spare room, a large sized twin room with single beds pushed together.  This also had 2 wardrobes in and a dressing table with hairdryer.

We really loved our apartment, with Emmy and Harry being so young we didn’t venture the evening entertainment so spent a good amount of time here and Paul and I were very comfortable abd happy here. 

Other features of the Wave hotel are the games port  – a room fully equiped with the latest games consoles and equipment – Wii’s, DS’s etc.  Emmy was too young for this however it didn’t stop her diving in there at every given opportunity, the girl likes flashing lights.

There is also a cafe on the ground floor which we didn’t get chance to enjoy but we did find the designated baby room on the 1st floor which is fully equiped with baby changing facilities, comfy feeding chairs, microwave and kettle – I did use this room once or twice to change Harry’s dirty nappies as I can’t stand the smell and may have hidden in here to breast feed him so Daddy could do Emmy’s bedtime.

I would definately stay at the Wave hotel again given and Emmy cried when we left asking if she could live on holidays!  It has the Emmy seal of approval!

For a better look at our apartment please watch our video.

We stayed at the Wave Hotel free of charge as Butlins Ambassadors, this however has not influenced this write up at all.

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  1. A wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing this amazing experience, like you I like it very much. This hotel so pretty and clean, I really admire this hotel even this is my first time to know this.

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