Our latest Butlins Break

After taking the kids to Butlins Bognor last year as Ambassadors it was always on the cards that we would go back again.
They had the most amazing time staying in the Wave hotel and on their actual break.
When Emmy was asked what she wanted for her birthday this year she asked to go to Butlins.   I had been saving up so searched the deals and managed to get a great deal in the sale during term time. 
Now with Emmy only being in Nursery we were granted permission to have a term time holiday.
This time being on a tight budget we stayed in the Shoreline hotel so the children could enjoy a character breakfast and being the home of Billy and Bonnie Bear they would be able to join in with activities too, plus Paul and I could enjoy the luxury of a hotel too.
Characters Breakfast
I booked a 4 night break.  We arrived on the Monday and were pleased that being in the hotel it meant it had its own parking.  We were able to check in early too which is always a bonus.  I took the kids to our room while Paul unpacked the car, we were on the 1st floor but when we were in our room because of the layout of the hotel it was actually ground level with a patio entrance, this was great as we we were able to move the car and unpack the car straight into the room without having to load onto a trolley and navigate the hotel lifts.  Of course also handy when packing up our room again on the Friday.
Our room had a double bed, 2 arm chairs, coffee table and a dresser with the TV and tea/coffee making facilities on.  To the side was a corridor which had the double wardrobe,  opposite that the bathroom and tucked to the side, in the same room were the kids bunk beds, all in one room yet separated by the corridor and bathroom.   Harry also had a cot in the corridor too.  The space was very cleverly used.
Watching TV in our room – once the batteries had been replaced in the
 controls by reception, the previous guests had taken them with them.
Now, the kids aren’t used to sharing a bedroom and the first nights sleep was a challenge to say the least, both over tired, worn out from travelling and a fun filled day at Butlins they just couldn’t settle. It was near 10pm before they gave in, Emmy deciding she didn’t want the top bunk after all.  It was a tough night if I’m honest.  I was up to Harry in the night many many times,  who then woke Emmy up, and it was a cycle which only ended around 4am with them both in our bed.
Sleeping with new teddies
The solution came the next day when I moved the furniture around.  I moved our bed across and moved the mattress from one of the bunks to the floor next to me.  This was then Emmy bed and Harry’s cot was in the children’s area.  It worked brilliantly.  We had to use this to get Harry to sleep before we moved him into his cot.

During the holiday itself we all enjoyed swimming,  sadly on the second visit the pool was freezing and Harry got cold, too cold. By that evening and the next morning he was running a very high fever and laid up for most of the day unable to do anything. 

Luckily it only lasted a day and Emmy was still able to join in as Paul and I took turns looking after Harry.
Poorly boy
Emmy loved the indoor rides, Harry not so much sadly, he started off well but mid way through each time would cry, we are convinced this had something to do with our waving at him.
Messy play was a hit for both kids as was soft play.  A baby area for Harry and bigger one for Emmy although she kept getting upset as Harry was too small to go with her and we weren’t allowed.
The fairground sadly was a little too wet for us most of the week but we did head there when there was a break in the weather and really wish this was open past 4pm as it seems far too early to close.
The shows as also were fantastic.   Both kids were enthralled.   Emmy as she did last year loved the skyline gang and the added character Misty was her favourite,  although she does now keep being naughty an blaming it on Misty.
Food in the Shoreline hotel I personally found to be limited and I didn’t enjoy it this time around, it was busy, it took ages to get drinks served and only water was available free with dinner whereas in the deck the children also had the choice of juice and we could have tea and coffee with dinner free.   As I had paid for the full dining package we were able to choose where to eat every night so we chose the Deck option daily as the choice for us was far better, it was bigger and not once did we have to wait to be seated.
Emmy especially enjoyed the new ice-cream parlour while Paul is eyeing up the new diner which is soon to open.  We will be back again next year without a doubt and I’m currently thinking of booking a Gold Star Apartment instead of the Hotel option where the kids can have their own rooms and we then have the sitting room to relax in.
We love Butlins and both children  talk about our holiday ALL the time, they both also sleep with the Pirate teddies we HAD to buy them while there, pirate Billy Bear and Pirate Bonnie Bear (actually a bargain at 2 for £20!).
The weather wasn’t great but we did manage a trip to the beach.
If you’ve never been then you really are missing out. We all had a great holiday – we actually went back in March, I’m just rather delayed in writing this post.  We are already planning our next break to Butlins and this time Mummy needs a spa treatment or two!
Disclaimer:  This was our family holiday which we paid for ourselves and wanted to share with you all.

5 thoughts on “Our latest Butlins Break

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time despite a few problems. Shame about the food in the Shoreline, we found it good when we were there. I would definitely recommend Bognor Butlins to anyone looking for a great family holiday!

    1. It is indeed. Infact I've lost count of the times I've been now and this was the kids second time.

      Well you know of our love for pirates

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