Our new baby – meet Annabell’s little brother

Emmy loves her little Brother and since he arrived almost a year ago now all of her dolls and toys are called ‘Baby Harry’.

Recently she were sent the perfect doll, a Baby Annabell little brother by Zapf Creations.
This is a newer version of the traditional Baby Annabell doll which has been around for a long time now.

A doll with a difference.  This baby boy (and the girl version) comes with a babies bottle and a dummy.

Once batteries are put into the doll he sucks on his dummy making sucking noises.  As he sucks he closes his eyes and after a while can be heard snoring gently.
He also drinks from his bottle, put water in the bottle and it disappears before your eyes. He really sucks and drinks.  He also cries, luckily for me this is a rare occurrence and I’m sure I couldn’t cope with another baby crying often – I’ve enough with my 2 crying, however unlike my two this has an off button! Always a bonus with toys.  He also babbles and giggles which is very cute.

Since Emmy’s baby Harry (well what else would he be called) arrived she has carried him around everywhere with her. She puts him to bed in the dolls cot which was originally made for me by my late Grandad for my dolls when I was Emmy’s age, feeds him in the dolls high chair we already have and pushed him in her dolls pram.  He is now almost like another child as he is everywhere Emmy is.
She loves him.

Baby Annabel Little Brother

He has been taken to the shops with us in a dolls pram and it is because of this new doll I have bought Emmy a Silver Cross dolls pram for Christmas – it has been so hard not to cave in and give it to her early as I know it would be played with all the time.

Although ‘Baby Harry’ drifts off to sleep and snores slightly there is an automatic cut off with this doll, if he isn’t played with for a while he stops making a noise conserving the batteries for when he is being played with.

This doll helps to teach children a few basic parenting type skills and brings a new level of play to the much loved dolls of old.

I wish this was around when I was little as I know it would have been a firm favourite of mine and Nanny also wishes it was too as we caught her cuddling ‘Baby Harry’ a few too many times.

A few things to note are the motor is noisy in this doll, it can be heard louder than the sucking noises when drinking or sucking on the dummy.  It can be difficult to get his to stop crying on the very rare occasions he has done – Emmy has past it across to me after a few minutes frustration in not being able to stop him.  Lastly the dummy comes attached to a heart shaped comforter – these are fairly small and would be better if attached to the doll in a permanent way (I actually sewed a piece of elastic to the comforter and attached to the dolls hand – Emmy didn’t like this and took it off however had it come like that she would have been fine) because of this she has lost the dummy which is rather annoying as I can’t find it anywhere. (I have just seen that you can buy different dummy’s separately so I will be ordering a few – always good to have spares)

All of Emmy’s other dolls have been cast aside and this is definitely her favourite, and mine. 

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