Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

Happy new year to you all – thank you so much for a wonderful year, for all your support, messages, shares and for continuing to come back to read our posts.

I can’t wait to share with you all the fun and adventures we have planned for 2019 but before I do that I love looking back on the year to see what you all enjoyed reading the most.

Later in the week, I will be doing a round-up of our past years fun, adventures and even the sad moments – all the things which happened throughout the year.

Here are your top 10 posts of mine from 2018:

(Not including the giveaways as those are popular for different reasons).

What is lovely to see is that not all of these posts were actually written this year, some are years old but still remain very popular.

  1. Hatchimals review – how to hatch your egg + troubleshooting

    In the top spot for the 3rd year running is the Hatchimals review I wrote in October 2016 when these toys were first released. On Christmas day 2016 this review received just under 25,000 hits and every seasonal event such as Easter and Christmas it still continues to receive thousands of hits during those periods.

    Sadly it was because the first batch didn’t hatch well and there were lots of problems with the eggs not hatching – ours didn’t.

    There have been a few new releases of Hatchimals since and lots of the problems were fixed but still some have issues

  2. Tell me, Mummy – Do Ducks have ears?

    This was actually written back in 2014 to join in with a lovely linkie called “Tell me, Mummy….” run by the lovely Liz – Hart of the Munchkin Patch

    This linkie was to share all those questions our kids ask us daily, you know they all have a million and one questions every single day, and at times we aren’t sure of the answers ourselves – this was one of those times.

    Emmy asked if Ducks had ears and I had to look up the answer – but it seems I am not alone here as this blog post receives hits every single day without fail.

  3. Finally, a better night’s sleep with Toddle Pod 
    This was a review back from 2013 for a product which changed our lives. I know that sounds rather dramatic however Harry had silent reflux as a baby. He couldn’t sleep on his back at all as was in so much pain and would only sleep in my arms or on my chest.

    For the first 6 months of his life, I had to sleep sitting up in bed and he would sleep on my chest. It wasn’t at all ideal but the only way he would sleep. I moved out of my bedroom and into Emmy’s room into her single bed with the bed-guard on and she took over my bedroom for those 6 months.

    The toddle tod changed things for us and sleeping in that Harry was able to sleep on his back and away from my chest for the first time ever. I then reclaimed my room and he was able to sleep in his cot. Sleep with a baby is hard enough but adding in health issues and I hadn’t slept well at all for those whole 6 months.

  4. Poopsie Unicorn review – A unicorn which poops slime

    This was one of the top 10 Christmas toys for 2018 and we have the chance to review it ahead of Christmas. As I always am with my reviews, I was super honest and shared my thoughts on this must-have toy.

    It was possibly the most annoying toy we have ever had enter the house, and there have been a few but this one was so hard to get to work, and even following ALL the instructions to the letter it leaked and certainly wasn’t worth the £50.

    Sadly, this received so many hits on Christmas day that I felt sad for the children (and their parents) who were searching “Poopsie leaks”, “Why is Poopsie leaking” and “How to get Poopsie to work”.

  5. Kids bowling party at Hollywood Bowl

    Another post from 2016. We were invited to Hollywood Bowl in Basildon to celebrate Emmy’s birthday party.

    Alongside 10 of her closest friends, we had a wonderful time. The children’s party was so much fun and is something we are looking at doing again perhaps this year.

    The party runs for 2 hours which includes 1 hour of non-stop bowling and then hot food for everyone. The bowling lanes were decked out with lights and balloons and we had a blast.

    I was actually invited to help head Hollywood Bowls summer radio campaign last year but I sadly couldn’t make the dates required due to prior commitments.

  6. My Nan

    Sadly last March we lost my beautiful Nan. She had been suffering for some time and to see her in pain was very hard. During her last hospital admission, we all knew she wouldn’t be coming home and spent all day every day with her.

    We were lucky in that we didn’t have to adhere to the hospital visiting hours so were all able to come and go whenever we wanted.

    This post was a poem ode to my Nan – remembering all the things I loved and remember.

    I miss her so very much and still shed a tear most days, there is a huge Nan sized gap in my life now.

  7. Saying a final Goodbye to Barney

    Another hugely sad loss last year was the loss of our family dog Barney. He had lived with us since he was 6 months old – having been abandoned and left tied up to a bus stop a week before Christmas.

    He used to go into work with Paul daily spending the day in his office, he went on nearly all of our holidays including a wonderful break to the lake district before we were married and pre-kids, and we were so glad he was able to go on a final holiday with us just weeks before to the Cotswolds.

    He has me through all 7 of my pregnancies and was amazing to our 2 children from the day they came home with me from the hospital.

    He is so very missed and has left a huge hole in our lives.

  8. Homemade Doner kebab in the Slow Cooker

    Another from 2014 and still so popular especially when everyone is making resolutions and trying to lose weight, after all, we all like our favourite foods but they can be rather unhealthy to have all the time.

    This is a very simple recipe which once prepared is popped into the slow cooker and then left until ready, add pitta and your favourite kebab fillings for a healthier treat.

  9. Looking at the Car Genie from the AA

    This was a review of a tiny gadget which fits into your car and then relays data back to the AA.

    By downloading the app not only does it tell you of any faults but it also relays the health of your car’s battery, gives helpful hints on improving your eco score – i.e. changing the way you accelerate and then brake which in turn will save you money on fuel.

    It also has GPS so you can see where your car currently is from the homepage of the app as well as recent journeys the car has made.

  10. Tiger Rock and the Land of the Tiger – Chessington World of Adventures

    We were invited to the press opening of Tiger Rocks at Chessington World of Adventures, for this we glamped in the Glamping tents at Chessington overnight where we were treated to wonderful entertainment and a closed park to enjoy, including meeting the Tigers in their brand new enclosure.

    Then in the morning we had breakfast in the closed park before enjoying a few more rides then heading into The Land of the Tiger to meet the Tigers again, listen to talks about the Tigers and then ride on Tiger Rock – the kids had a blast as this part of the park was closed we were able to ride as many times in a loop as we wished.

    Of course, we were soaked after this but it was so much fun.

So there we have it, our most popular posts for last year. A couple of those surprised me but it was nice looking back on them.

Happy New Year

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