Our visit to the White Water Rafting Centre

On Saturday 13th August Lee Valley Park, White Water Rafting Centre had an open day (I have previous written about this event) so we had a family day out to have a look for ourselves seeing as it is just on our doorstep.

We arrived in the afternoon and got a taster of what it may be like when the Olympics start in 2012, there was a lot of traffic, it did flow well but it does make me wonder what it will be like in Waltham Abbey during that period, only time will tell I guess.

We decided not to park in the actual car park but over the road and to walk along the Canal with Barney to wear him out a little. On arrival at the site it was well sign posted, clean and looked impressive however it is not until you actually walk up the hill to the White Water rafting course that the full size of the site is realised.  It really does look amazing.  We went up over the bridge/viewing area and this is the site we were greeted with.

I instantly said to Paul “I want a go”, now I don’t think I actually would but it instantly grabs you and looks so much fun.

We so impressed with what we saw that we didn’t join in with any of the great activities which they had arranged for the children, although Emmy may have been too young and she was impressed with just watching the “boats”.

The site is so large that it takes quite a while to walk around it, there is ample parking and there is a fantastic Cafe and decking area where you can watch the rafts launching while sitting in comfy chairs enjoying the show.

One thought on “Our visit to the White Water Rafting Centre

  1. How much FUN does that look? Definitely something my older boys would want to participate in, rather than watch though! #BlogClub

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