Out with the old and in with the new?

Moving out of my parents home at the age of 25 was so easy in terms of the amount of physical stuff I had to pack up and bring with me, I had an old Nissan Micra at the time and having only minimal furnishings and just my clothes and ornaments packed into suitcases it all fitted into that little car.  That’s the joy of only having a rooms worth of belongings.

However then moving into an empty house meant we had to fill it, or at least part fill with furniture – we turned to the local papers to do this as cheaply as possible and our first sofa’s were purchased second hand until we could afford new ones.  We tried to resell these or even give them away for free but they just didn’t go so we had to take them to the local dump.

It would appear we were not alone in this:

‘Does The UK Have a Problem With Old Sofas?’ – Created by Plumbs Reupholstery.

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