Out with the old and in with the new

I’m really lucky and when Paul and I got engaged we bought and moved into his parents old house.   
It was too big for us then however when our family was complete it meant unlike many of our friends our house was already big enough for us and we didn’t have to move. 
Along with the house we inherited some of Paul’s parents old furniture which they didn’t want/need to take with them.  This suited us down to the ground as we were young and couldn’t afford to kit out the house ourselves.
The plan always was to replace as and when we could and we did what we could. We started off with extremely cheap sofa’s and chairs (£30) we saw advertised in our local paper and they kindly threw in a coffee table for free.  We were extremely grateful, we were both 24 when we moved in together and only needed basics really as it was only us and later on the dog.
The following year we replaced these sofa’s with beautiful brown leather ones which are still going strong.

The washing machine and dishwasher have been replaced over the years as those broke and well lets face it we can’t live without those – yes we could live without a dishwasher I know, however having had one there was no way I wanted to be without it!

One thing we haven’t gotten around to replacing yet is our kitchen table. It’s old, worn and scratched but with a oilcloth over you can’t tell.  However the chairs are almost beyond repair and the seats fall off if you get up too quickly and the fabric is old, worn and tatty; looking at prices of 6 chairs it is looking cheaper to buy a new dining table and chairs together, I’m tempted currently by this one from Furniture Choice.   Isn’t it pretty?


What I love about my old table is that it extends to fit more people around, handy for parties and Christmas time and I think I would like to keep this feature.

My main worry is Harry’s all time favourite thing to do is climb…which really does leave me torn. While I would love to replace the table and chairs, do I wait a few more years until this climbing phase is over?  Or do I buy a cage playpen instead? 

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