Over coming the swimming nerves with Splash About

I told you recently that Emmy had moved up swimming groups in the swimming lessons and she was struggling with the scary change.
The problem was she was getting scared in the big pool, she can’t touch the bottom and the teacher now stands at the side of the pool.
Coupled with being the youngest in her group by a year and being at least 2 years younger than most, not knowing anyone and the pool being freezing we were on a loosing battle from the start.
We decided to tackle one problem at a time.  Aqua Splash got in touch and offered Emmy some swimming equipment to make things easier for her.

We opted for a two piece wetsuit (£24.99 – currently on offer for £16.60) to see if this help with the cold pool.
Of course she chose a pink one and thankfully it arrived in time for her swimming lesson.
We also chose a two piece towelling suit (£29.99) for after swimming and teamed with a little good of fashioned bribery of a new toy if she completed the whole lesson and without tears we were set.
She loved the wetsuit idea and thought she looked cool, she couldn’t do up the drawstring on the shorts herself so I had to help her, also she couldn’t do the zip up on her top as it needs to me tight to keep them warm, this meant she couldn’t pull the two sides together to do up the zip.
It looks adorable on and still allows her to move freely in the water.
I’m pleased to say she nailed the lesson!
No tears!
There were a few bits she didn’t want to join in with however the teacher and I have already had words so this was fine.

We’ve agreed to no push her too hard initially until she is coping with the change. She is only 4 still so definitely no hurry to progress at and speed, and I would prefer her not to be terrified and want to quit.
The wetsuit seemed to help. She wasn’t shivering at the side of the pool as she had been known previous weeks and she had a grin on her face the whole lesson.
I admit to crying even if she didn’t.  Pride took over and I was so proud of her for trying so hard.
When she got out she wasn’t cold and drying her was very easy as she just stepped into the towelling trousers drying her feet as she did, then I tied them up at the waist.  The long sleeved top pills easily over her head and even has a towel to dry their hair too (Emmy wears a swimming hat so hers was already dry). She actually work her towelling suit home and was bone dry by the time we got there.
These are also great for after baths too.
With thanks to a little bribery (yes she got that too) and Aqua Splash it now looks like I’ve avoided having to pay out for private lessons and she now enjoys her lessons again
Disclaimer:  We recieved the featured items for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own and unbiased.
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