Over the threshold: April kids edition

The children are very lucky in that they see a lot of products arriving in our household for them, some they like more than others such as toys obviously and other are more practical items. This month they have been sent a variety of things to try out from vitamins to cuddly toys.  Here are our thoughts on a few of these products:
Regular readers will know just how poorly my children seem to be ALL the time sadly, if a bug is passing around then they seem to get it and often in Emmy’s case twice.  This is now having a knock on effect with her schooling and she certainly won’t be one to be enjoying the 100% attendance treats, infact the way their health is I don’t think it will ever happen.
In a bid to boost their immune systems and to get them back on track and hopefully make at least one school term where there isn’t a day or three missed through illness they were sent a range of children’s vitamins from Bioglan.
Now I am very lucky in that they both LOVE all fruits and vegetables and will eat them in abundance and one of their favourite lunches is a nice salad, but getting more into them can never be a bad thing in my eyes.
SmartKids Superfood Shake:  This is a Chocolate Cacao flavoured fruit and veg shake,  it contains 9 greens and live bacteria.  It also contains Vitamin D which is good for bones, teeth and the immune system.
This is a powder which you can mix into milk, smoothies, yogurt or add to cereals and costs £9.99 and contains 15 servings.  Both Emmy and Harry tried this mixed with milk and sadly didn’t like it at all – when I mixed it it was still very powdery so I added to my nurtibullet to ensure it was fully mixed and that did work, unfortunately it had a green tinge to the chocolate and tasted powdery too so neither would drink it.
Happy Tummies Yogurt Balls:  Each yogurt ball contains 1 billion good bacteria – lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis – two well-known and researched strains often found in yoghurt.
These yogurt balls taste like strawberries and each bottle contains 30 balls.  Harry didn’t like these unfortunately however Emmy did and now happily has one of these each morning – she would have more given the chance.  Priced at £9.99
Fussy Eaters Multi Vitamin:  These are blackcurrant and strawberry flavoured fizzy tablets, each pack contains 30 and costs £9.99.
These combine a wide spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals tighter with a high ORAC blend of fruit and veg giving  children an extra boost of fruit and veg.  These little fizzy chewable tablets help to maintain – Healthy growth, immune function and healthy bones.
Emmy and Harry both like the fizzing of these tablets and try to suck them in challenge style to see who can keep them in their mouths longest.
Omega 3 Brain formula: This supplement contains Omega 3 fish oil, which is essentially high in DHA, the fatty acid known best for its role in brain health.  The formula is further fortifies with several B-vitamins which contribute to normal nervous system function, and Iron which plays a vital role in oxygen transport to the brain and the rest of the body, as well as contributes to the normal cognitive development to children.
These are citrus flavoured chewable squirty tablets and there are 30 in a pack costing £9.99. 
Unfortunately neither Emmy or Harry could stomach these tablets as both the taste and the texture made them gag.
After trying some of these products for a few weeks now I’ve seen no magic cure to my children’s immune system sadly – they are still catching every single bug and cold which goes around and there have been a few more days off for Emmy.  I will continue to give them the multi vitamins in a bid to boost their immune system but in the very least they are at least getting more fruit and veg.
Japanese Nappies – now this isn’t obviously a brand I had heard of before and I don’t really browse Amazon when looking to buy such products so I was a little unsure of what to expect here.  Now firstly I need to say that Harry is Potty trained and dry during the day now but not dry at night and I doubt he will be for a while as they are always soaked by morning.
Harry was sent the pull-up version (Moony) as he hasn’t been in nappies for a long time, these come in a choice of boy and girl pants and come in a large pack of 38.  They are a little bulker in size to the ones Harry wears and while the sides and inside are really very soft to touch, far softer than any he has tried before the bulky underside caused them to become heavy once even a little wet and they started to fall down.  When worn under his Pj’s and they were dry they were really comfortable and left no marks at all, stayed in place and did a great job, only once wet a little they became too heavy to hold the weight of the wee and would fall down.
They didn’t always hold his night-time wee’s sadly either, a little hit and miss if I’m honest.  His pull-up was wet every morning as it always is however around twice a week he would wake up around 5am with wet trousers and a wet bed.
They are super soft and really stretchy and they also feature a wetness indicator on all sides so you can easily see if your child is wet even if they can’t/don’t tell you – the double lines change from yellow to blue once wet.  These cost £25.99 for 38 nappies which I think is really high for nappies personally and would definitely put me off buying in the future, although they are currently on sale for £17.69. Available from www.bestbabynappies.co.uk
Disney Junior’s The Lion Guard:
My children adore the Lion King and we all can’t wait to see The Lion’s Guard – sadly we haven’t been able to yet but it’s on our to do list.

Recently Emmy was sent a very cute and cuddly Kion lion to play with.  Kion is the son of Simba and is the leader of The Lion Guard.  This adorable soft toy is a medium one from the range and is super snuggly.  He bares a huge resemblance to his father in all ways except for his distinguishing red Mohawk and red tail tip.

His legs are almost bouncy so when you pretend to make him walk he looks like he is ready to pounce.  He also features the genuine Disney tag on his back paw.

Priced at £18.95 he is a firm favourite of Emmy’s.

Harry was sent a puzzle from the movie. It is a 24 piece puzzle on thick board.  It features the 5 characters from the Lion Guard gang and is brightly coloured with a few flocked enhance the puzzle.

He isn’t great at puzzles but with the help of either myself or his big sister he has enjoyed completing this.
Available from the Disney Store and Disneystore.co.uk

Priced at £4.95 and available from Disney Store and Disneystore.co.uk

Disclaimer:  We received these items in exchange for this post

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