Over the threshold: August Kitchen Edition

This summer holidays a few new items have entered our kitchen, mostly for the kiddies – in this post we will be taking a look at a few of those.
Panda Drinks:
Now these are drinks I remember from my childhood, fizzy bottles of drinks we would be allowed as a special treat.
These have been relaunched and are no longer the sugary sweet fizzy drinks I remember but now flavoured still water drinks.  I was much more inclined to let the kids try these out as I don’t often allow them to try fizzy ones (special occasions or if we are out to dinner).
They were not only send the new flavoured drinks but a lovely lunchbox to help enjoy the summer with picnics, and some outdoor toys to encourage outdoor play, fresh air and exercise!

The new 250ml bottles are designed for little hands, with a non-detachable sports cap it means they can be enjoyed on the go, popped back into lunchboxes (or mum’s changing bag) and they won’t spill out and make a mess!  Always a bonus for parents.  They are a great size for children’s school lunches too.

The new flavours available are: Still juice in Raspberry and Blackcurrant flavours and a new Panda Splash which is a fruit flavoured water in Orange & Pineapple and Blackcurrant Flavour.
Emmy wasn’t very keen on the flavoured waters – but she isn’t really a water fan sadly and they were clear in colour so she associated them too much with water sadly.  Harry on the other hand will drink anything so loved them all. 
They have both loved playing with the ball, chalks and skipping rope and looking through the other games in our booklet, I had forgotten about kerby – a game I used to play as a child – when Emmy is a little older I will definitely be teaching her to play this one!  Of course after a nice play outside and any sort of exercise they could grab their Panda drinks and rehydrate themselves.
Panda Still Juice and Panda Splash are currently available in Asda, Tesco and Ocado and are priced at £1.99 for a 6 bottle multipack.  Panda Squash is sold in Tesco and costs 99p for a 1 litre bottle.
Vimto Squeezy Bottles
Vimto, the multi-fruit soft drink manufacture has brought out a new range of ‘water enhancers’ called ‘Vimto Squeezy’.  This comes in a small portable handbag sizes squeezy bottle  which can be used anywhere to transform ordinary tap water into a tasty drink with just a couple of drops of concentrated flavour.
I’ve found these handy for keeping in my handbag/changing bag and taking on picnics with us.  Emmy and Harry both like different flavours so instead of making two different drinks up and carrying more I am able to take one large bottle of water and a few cups then they can choose which juice they want.  This is handy for when the dog comes along too – he can have water and we can all have a different juice.
The little bottles may be small but they make around 25 drinks each.  They have no added sugar and almost zero calories, and come in Original, Cherry or Strawberry flavours.  Add as much or as little as you like.

These aren’t cheap though and cost £2.49 for that little bottle which to me personally seems a lot but the convenience of having something in your bag may outweigh that cost for some.  These are available from Tesco and Asda stores.


 Tasty Inc – Microwave snacks

I’m really not a fan of microwaved meals and the thought of a burger popped into the microwave for 90 seconds to me normally wouldn’t sound appealing – they remind me of my younger drunken days on returning from the pub/club in the early hours and needing something quick.

However I was promised that things had changed and these were nice and not at all rubbery in taste.

We were sent the Flame Grilled Quarter Pounder,  Whole Breast Chicken Sandwich and the Chicken and Chorizo Bagette.

They come well packaged and with clear cooking instructions on the packet.  Each take 90 seconds and come with the sauces in separate packets so you can add at a later date.

I was pleasantly surprised, they weren’t rubbery or dry – the chicken was very moist and I actually enjoyed this.

I often send Paul on a midnight burger run when I’m pulling an all nighter blogging throughout the night so they would actually be handy to have in the back of the fridge for those midnight emergencies – not very often but every now and then wouldn’t hurt.

They are all under 500 calories too.


 Pringles Speaker

Pringles have launched their brand new party speakers – perfect for that summer BBQ – we are forecast another mini heatwave, so I’m hoping the summer isn’t over yet.

These limited edition speakers attach to the top of the Pringles can and flash with a different-coloured LED light while playing music through phones or other music devices.  These can be linked up together to make the music even louder. You can line a few up and take them to the park with you for a picnic.

To get these speakers you need to buy two cans of Pringles, enter the codes on the cans online and they will be send directly to you – you do need to pay postage of £3.

We have had our pumping out Frozen and Disney tunes around the kitchen and the kids have loved dancing around to it.




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