Over the threshold – November edition

This month has been very drinks orientated for samples we have been sent to try out, some were for me and some the kids.
Here I’m going to show you what we’ve been trying out:
The Shaken Udder Kids Milkshake range is designed to provide children with a healthy and nutritious drink which can be drunk at any time of the day.  Packed with Calcium and added Vitamin B12, a vital ingredient or boosting immunity and health especially in the winter months.

 These drinks come in 200ml cartons and come in packs of 3 which cost £1.89 – they are available from Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

They have a very creamy taste to them and are rather sickly.  Both Emmy and Harry struggled to drink a whole carton in one go but happily finished them off later in the day, we just popped them back in the fridge when they had finished until next time. 

Chocolate was the favourite here (no surprise there) and Emmy didn’t like the Banana flavour.

These are made with no added flavours, colourings or preservatives.  Anything which helps to boost the kids immunity is always a winner with me as mine are always ill.

It is the season for coughs, colds, bugs and germs and you name it and my kids have recently picked it up.
We were sent some Super Hero to try.  This is a high DHA Omega 3 fish oil from a specialist supplement company Bare Biology.
DHA is a major component of our brain, eye tissue and skin and this can be found in oily fish such as Salmon, Sardines and Anchovy’s,
This is a vital nutrient for our growing children and I for one know my children are getting enough or any as they don’t eat any of those fish – They like cod but that’s about it fish wise.
1 single ml drop of this oil is equivalent to  whole tin of Sardines.
Obviously there was no way I could get either Emmy or Harry to take this off a spoon – I wouldn’t as it isn’t a pleasant taste, however you can’t reason that it’s good for you so please try it with kids as you can an adult so it can be hidden in foods.
I had to try a few different foods with this as even though I only used a drop both kids could tell it was there and refused to eat any more – I found yogurts didn’t work as it lest a shiny film on top of the yogurt which the kids found.  I didn’t get away with adding to milk but it has been fine in orange juice and mixed up well in their Weetabix.
Super Hero is available from www.barebiology.com and is prices at £29.50 for 100ml
Teaulia is named after the region in Northern Bangladesh where this tea is grown. The saplings were planted in 200 and since then, the tea plants have been encouraged and nurtured by Mother Nature’s own hand, strictly without the use of chemicals.  The result is unique, organic teas – clean fresh and smooth.
The teas are available in 5 flavours:
  • Black Tea –
  • Earl of Bengal
  • Tulsi
  • Green Tea
  • Lemongrass

These teas retail at £3.40 for 20 individually wrapped sachets and are available from Holland & Barrett, Harrods & independent health and wholefood stores nationwide

I can’t really pass judgement upon where or not I like these as I was only sent 1 tea bag of each flavour and I can’t form an opinion on trying something only once.

 Kid Zinger

This is a drinks bottle and a citrus fruit juicer combined.

The idea is to help encourage children to drink more water but naturally flavouring it, and by letting them do this themselves it helps to make it fun.

This was easy enough that Emmy could do alone.  She loved the novelty of this and it is a perfect size for her to take to school with her.  They have to take a water bottle to school and she doesn’t really drink water – this makes it a good alternative, and the teachers don’t seem to mind.

We do find that it is hard to suck up the last of the flavoured water through the straw as you get to the end and it has leaked on a few occasions when it wasn’t firmly tightened.

When I use this for myself I leave the fruit in the bottom and screw back together for a stronger flavour. www.root7.com/kid-zinger


Disclaimer: We received these items for the purpose of a honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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