Over the threshold – October Edition

This month we have seen a varied mix of items come into the house which I will be sharing with you in this round up post:
Bioskin Junior Outbreak Rescue Cream

This is a rescue cream to be used for very dry skin or for an eczema flare up to help bring it under control.  This cream helps to soothe and calm dry & sore skin.  Made from natural ingredients it is kinder to skin than steroid creams and can actually be applied as many times a day as required.

A non-greasy cream which is very easy to apply and is quickly absorbed into the skin this has helped with Emmy’s rather sore backs of her knees after her recent flare up, as well as being rather beneficial to Harry’s dry leg and elbows.

I always hate having to resort to the steroid creams and so far I have avoided that with our last flare up.

Due to the price of this cream it isn’t one I would use every day but is definitely now the one I reach for when things start to get worst.  Priced at £8.99 for 50ml and £17.99 for 150ml this cream is available from www.salcuraskincare.com and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


Taffy Mail UK – sweet subscription boxes
You’ve probably all seen so many subscription boxes over the past years, everything seems to so – healthy foods, make-up, food items.  I was recently sent a new type of subscription box – one for American Candy!
Now having been over to America a few years back I know that many of the sweet items over there are unavailable over here, or hard to find so this idea appealed and of course I do have a sweet tooth after all! 
Inside my box were:
  • Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme bar
  • 3 x  flavours of Laffy Taffy
  • Butterfinger bar
  • A&W Root Beer
  • Pop Rocks
  • Jolly Rancher
  • Nerds
  • Pop Tarts
  • Cow Tales
  • Air Heads
  • 3 x Tootsie Roll’s
  • 2 x Toots lollipops 

Now some of those I had tried before, while others were new to me. 

Subscription boxes are a good way of trying things you wouldn’t normally think to buy, random collections are sent and your tastes buds are dazzled (mostly) by new tastes.  We as a nation are set in our ways and tend to opt for the same things.  This was a perfect way of me trying sweets I wouldn’t think to choose myself.

I won’t lie – I HATE Pop Tarts but I tried them again just to be fair, nothing has changed – they are still horrid and Ginger Beer I usually don’t mind but this had added vanilla too and the taste well it’s one which didn’t leave for a while.

The other sweets I really enjoyed and I had forgotten just how much I liked nerds.

These boxes cost £14.99 for a monthly subscription which can be stopped at any time – I personally feel this is rather expensive however they are imported so that is reflected in the price I guess.
Available from www.taffymail.co.uk

Kleenex Sensitive – New funky boxes

Tis the season of the common cold!

Well it is in this household anyway.  I’ve been suffering with dare I say it – man flu?  No, only kidding but I have had a horrid cold which has made me feel rather unwell with swollen and painful glands and a horrid tap for a nose.

The kids have been the same too – luckily just as it started we were sent some Kleenex Sensitive tissues, which are extra soft on noses which of course if ideal when you are unwell and blowing your nose about a million times a day.

Of course tissues aren’t that exciting are they and can look unsightly on the coffee table but it is the best place to keep them – within reach.

Now these packets have just undergone a makeover to capture the contemporary look and feel of modern home’s so you can now add them to your coffee table and they blend into the décor a lot better than the old designs ever did.

 Kate’s Cakes

I do love a slice of cake, however if you are anything like me once you’ve cut a slice or opened a pack, it is rather hard to stop at just one cake – I have to go back for a second and sadly sometimes a third.  I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it.

These new cakes Kate’s Cakes are available in Tesco and come in a beautiful box with 5 individually wrapped cakes inside each box.

By having them individually wrapped it helps to keep the fresher and to stop me eating more than I intent to.  The chocolate were my favourites and were very moist, had a lovely rich flavour and weren’t sticky.  The Lemon ones were also lovely and not too over powering as can happen with Lemon flavoured cakes, they were moist and very spongy.  Perfect bite sized cakes.

They come in two flavours – Chocolate Fudge and Lemon Drizzle and are priced at £1.99



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