How to pack for your South East Asian trip

Asian countries are rich with culture, food, fun, and limitless adventure. If you’re looking for a quick list of the things you need to remember or bring with you for your Southeast Asian trip, then look no further.

Here’s a quick rundown.

Secure necessities.

The first thing you need to have before you begin planning where to go is a passport. Without it, you literally won’t be able to go outside the country. Also, you need to secure a travel insurance Hong Kong before you fly. Any traveller worth his salt should have one. Travel insurances are affordable, plus it gives you security over prevalent travel mishaps such as loss of baggage, sickness/accidents while on the trip, flight delays, and others.

Plan your itinerary in advance.

This will obviously depend on your desired destination. Generally, you need clothing that covers your shoulders and knees since insects of all sizes are prevalent in the tropics. If you’re travelling in a rainy season, choose fabrics that dry quickly. If you want to climb mountains and volcanoes, make sure you have the appropriate gear as well. Start by researching your trip, notice the weather, and decide on the best travel gear.

What to pack and wear.

For the most part, packing for this region is typically easy and your clothing choice should again consist of lightweight breathable clothing since the temperature tends to be hot all year-round. Bring a lot of sunscreens, insect repellents, towels, etc. You’ll be under the sun extensively. If you’re in lush forests or crowded alleys, it’s a good bet that mosquitos abound, and repellents will be your best friend.

And don’t forget to bring tissues! They are critical items to bring with you when travelling in Asia. We might have it in most parts of Hong Kong, but they are almost non-existent in others – they’re almost a rare luxury.

SEA got it all for you.

You can find just about anything you need in Southeast Asia. Shopping in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Singapore are particularly exceptional and you’ll find beauty products and clothing from home. With the exception of Indonesia, tampons can be found anywhere, but you should also consider menstrual cups for convenience.

Protect your feet while staying cool and classy.

The majority of travellers and locals in this part of the world wears flip flops daily. You can readily buy them in shops for around $1-$5 – yep, that cheap. In addition to this footwear, you should also bring comfortable sandals. This is important. Since it’s hot, your feet may swell and sweat so they need to breathe. If you’re participating in adventure activities, bring a pair of trainers or any appropriate outdoor shoes.


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