Packing for a tech free break away

Our Easter break is booked and we are counting down the days now. Once again we are heading off for a caravan holiday with my sister and her children leaving the men behind – not because we don’t like holidaying with them but because we like to have a little girlie time and this way we all fit into one caravan (just, there will be 2 adults and 6 children).  I can’t wait.

The wonderful thing about this break is there’s hardly any phone signal and very very poor and patchy WiFi. As a blogger who spends nearly all her time attached to one device or another I am really looking forward to this break.  There will be NO laptop for me for the long weekend, if I haven’t scheduled it then it won’t post out, no joining in with social media during the day.  I will have my phone but I plan to only add a few pictures to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as and when, and will only have my phone to call home for the children and I to talk with Paul.

I won’t be checking emails, my out of office will be on and I will not check Facebook daily as I find myself doing currently.  I do love my job but finding myself attached to a device ALL the time does take it’s toll. I realised early last year that switching off helps, I don’t need to respond to those emails immediately, if they are important and those companies want to work with me then a few days/week won’t make any difference and they will still be there when I get back.

Switching off once in a while helps us all, this goes for the children too. I find they want to switch on the TV first thing in the morning and this continues to be a theme whenever they are bored/tired or not being entertained.

For this break we will be tech free as much as possible as I have been stocking up ready for the whines of ‘I’m bored’ and can I watch Paw Patrol or H2O just add water.

Tech free entertainment for kids


Memory Maze: Memory Maze features 4 different coloured lights that flash in a 15-step sequence for you to follow. Working sequentially, it starts with one move and progresses to another and another every time you get it right until you have to recreate all 15. It’s perfect for all ages and great for entertainment whilst travelling.

Roald Dahl Maths card game: A collection of 10 entertaining maths card games where players add, subtract or multiply to get the highest score possible. This splendiferously fun and educational card game is for 2-4 players, to help children in Key Stage 1 and 2 to develop their mental maths. Ages 5-12.

Roald Dahl Spelling game: A fun and educational card game for 2-4 players. The 7 different letter games involve creating crosswords, and quick-fire races which will help children in Key stages 1 and 2 develop their spelling skills. For 2-4 plyers aged 5-12 years.

Stinky Pig game, an fun alternative to Easter Gifts for children perhaps: A hilarious game that will have everyone in stitches! Push the pig’s tummy to start him singing then quickly pass him round without getting caught holding him as he lets rip! Easy to learn and fun to play family game for all ages. Includes pig, tokens, die and instructions. It makes a great children’s stocking filler as they simply can’t stop laughing when they hear him parp! We’ve had great fun testing it!

Unicorn popper: This fantastical unicorn is air powered, and magically fires colourful foam balls 20 feet through the air when the stomach is squeezed.

Rio Roller Quad Skates: Emmy and Harry are both getting rather fast on their skates now, Emmy has just upgraded to these as her old ones no longer fit. I opted for a Blue and Yellow pair because they can then be passed down to Harry when Emmy has outgrown these ones. Rio Rollers are very comfortable as they are much like well fitting trainers.

These unlike her old ones have 4 wheels exactly the same size so are great for intermediate skaters and also feature the front stopper for easy breaking. These are prices at £49.95 and available from

We are also taking a football, skipping rope and Bubble wands with us as well as colouring and pens/pencils and Junior Monopoly and a pack of normal playing cards and our swimming things, plus a bucket and spade for the beach.

Recently we started to teach the children and their cousins some card games while we were babysitting, and managed to get everyone away from the TV, tablets and phone for a whopping 4 hours – a massive achievement when 2 of those are teenagers: We’ve been enjoying Snap, Pairs, 21’s, Rummy and Shit Head (I’m not sure if this is the actual name of the game – it’s what I’ve always known it as – although we do call it ‘Poo Head’ for the younger kids).

There will be 6 children with us who’s ages range from 4 all the way up to 13 years – with a good mix of tech free toys and games I am pretty sure we can avoid the ‘I’m bored’ and ‘can I play on my phone’.

Have we forgotten anything? What tech free games to you enjoy?


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