Pedigree Joint Care+ trials – Week 3

This week is Barney’s 3rd week on the Joint Care treats and all he wants to do is play all day long.  Before he was stiff when waking up and would take a while to loosen up often walking with a limp – this has now stopped and boy do we know it…..he is constantlyRead more

Ella’s Kitchen Fromage Frais Review

Ella’s Kitchen are known for there great range of children’s foods from first stage weaning to older toddler foods and snacks. Ella’s Kitchen was set up by Paul (father to Ella and Paddy) who believed that young children should have the opportunity to eat better food and also to discover that healthy food can be fun, tasty andRead more

Butlin’s Ambassador 2012-2013

I’ve got an announcement to make…. A few months ago I applied along with lots of other Bloggers to become a Butlin’s Ambassador and on Friday 3rd August I found out I had been chosen along with 39 other Bloggers for this fantastic role. It was firstly announced on Twitter which I had excitedly refreshingRead more

Lollibops festival 17th-19th August in Regent’s Park

We won tickets and attended Lollibops last year and loved it so much we are heading back this year and can not wait. Here is some of what this year has to offer: ZINGZILLAS & DICK AND DOM TO ROCK REGENT’S PARK LolliBop, in partnership with John Lewis, is returning to Regent’s Park this summer,Read more

Stained Glass Window Craft

Today Emmy has been wanting to craft and make all day, firstly we had playdough, then painting, drawing was next then she was keen to make something so started grabbing the tissue paper from the box saying “Use this Mummy”. So I quickly decided we would try a stained glass window picture. What we used:Read more

BundleBean Review

A while back I met with the lovely Emily inventor of BundleBean, we got chatting and have been in contact ever since.  My Emmy loved Emily as not only do they share a name but they both share a love of stickers and by the time the adults had finished chatting Emmy had covered herselfRead more

Pedigree Joint Care+ trials – week 2

Barney is into his 2nd week of the trials now and has definitely become more playful again.  Paul come home the other day to be greeted by Barney and a ball – Barney wouldn’t take NO for an answer and they spent a lovely 40 minutes in the garden just playing with his new rubberRead more

Pick Your Own – A day out fruit picking

Emmy has never been a fan of fresh fruit, give her any vegetable and she will happily eat it until it comes out of her ears – Sprouts, Peas, Sweetcorn, Broccoli, Carrots, you name it she will eat it.  However fruit has to either be pureed, dried or a Banana, Apple or Grape. Now thisRead more

Olivia Accessories Earring review & Giveaway

Olivia Accessories are a small online fashion and accessories boutique who offer a carefully selected and exclusive range of items.  They try to choose items which have a classic appeal but also tie in with currents trends and fashions. The business is co-owned by two old school friends Ed Flaxman Johnson & Andreas Lelli andRead more

TP Toys – Bubble Bouncer Giveaway

At last Summer has arrived, just in time for the Summer holidays but do make the most of it, as it might not last very long. Why not get your garden holiday ready now with TP Toys’ brilliant trampolines, wooden playsets and sandpits.  Whatever you order from you will recieve Free next working day delivery* Read more