Build a Bear for Children in Need

It’s that time of year again and Build a Bear have teamed up with Children in Need for the 5th year running. From 1st October Pudsey and Blush will be returning to the Build-A-Bear stores nationwide and online at Pudsey and Blush will be appearing in all 55 stores across the UK and visitors will haveRead more

Two weeks on – adjusting to life with 2

Time fly’s when your having fun doesn’t it?  Well I’m having the time of my life and am now enjoying every minute of it, and trying not to waste a second with my 2 beautiful children. Adjusting to 2 children was always going to take a little while, Emmy has had my sole attention forRead more

Snugglebundl Review – Help post c-section

I knew I was to have a c-section, it was pretty much always on the cards due to the problems I had giving birth to Emmy which resulted in an emergency section with added complications.  This time around Harry was Breech right up until 2 weeks before I had him, however I wasn’t allowed toRead more

Tears and Tantrums…

We have been home a week now and mostly we have been muddling through the best we can. Having previously had a c-section I knew I would be in pain but what I hadn’t accounted for was the look of pain on Emmy’s face every time she wanted a carry or simple things like MummyRead more

Poundland Ambassador – Halloween Challange

A while ago Poundland were looking for 10 Ambassadors for their bargain money saving stores – so being a SAHM to almost 2 children at the time I applied, and recieved an email a little while ago saying we had been chosen as 1 of the 10 Ambassador roles. As part of our first ChallengeRead more

We are home – Harry’s Birth Story

As you know Harry John was born on 19th October 2012, unlike my labour with Emmy we knew exactly when he was to arrive – 3 days before his due date of 22nd October. Having an elective section was a rather bizarre experience as you could actually pre-plan nearly everything.  Emmy went to Nanny &Read more

Welcome to the World Baby …………..

So today is a very special day, one we have been preparing hard for and waiting for a rather long time – well it seems like a rather long time anyway. Today is the day our baby Boy was born. Welcome to the world Harry John     A little Brother for our beautiful angelicRead more

Getting organised – Baby Walkers

I know my little man isn’t even here yet however it doesn’t hurt to be organised, and after tomorrow he will be here and growing fast every single day. Baby’s aren’t small for very long and blink and you miss them growing up which is why I’ve been searching through Emmy’s old baby bits andRead more

Prima Princessa DVD Review

Emmy is a Prima Ballerina in the making.  Given the choice she would live in her Tutu’s all day long and has been known to try to sleep in them too.  She is always dancing about to her cartoon theme tunes, her CD’s and whatever music she hears. However when we recently signed her upRead more

Latest and Last pregnancy update

My journey for this pregnancy started with a positive pregnancy test on 15th February 2012 and it seems like I’ve been pregnant for ever!  I know I haven’t been but it feels like it due to my miscarriage history and the sickness which has been present the whole of this pregnancy barring about 6 weeksRead more