Pandamonium at Chessington

We were very kindly invited back to Chessington for an exclusive preview of the new show which launched just this week in time for the Easter holidays.  
It was #Pandamonium from the minute we arrived to the time we left, of course I don’t mean chaos erupting and children running wild….although there was a little of that but they were my children and that’s nothing new really.
The show is a Panda show so the theme of our stay of course was Panda’s.  First up the kids had their faces painted and I have to say they make adorable little Panda’s,  I’m sure you’ll agree.  Then we sampled some Panda cocktails of the alcoholic variety (adults only) and virgin one for the kids. I of course had to try them all and just to be sure try again…..I can confirm they were delicious *Hick*.
Panda face painting, chessington
They do love each other sometimes
After chatting and mingling and enough time to check into our hotel for the night we then grabbed our coats and entered a now closed theme park. Never have I seen it so quiet.
We were shown a small glimpse of the Pandas who will be the show stars – Chessington have teamed up with Europe’s leading special effects and animatronics designers – Millennium FX, to create the stars of the new Pandamonium show – an incredibly life like animatronic Panda family, I have to say it is AMAZING!! and left us wondering just how it was done and certainly grabbed the children’s attention from the off. It’s easy to forget that these aren’t real Pandas as you watch them frolick around the stage playing games with each other.  This show is offset in a quiet outdoor area of the park, tucked away from the noise of the rides.  Children are encouraged to sit at the front to get the best views and taught how to do a Panda bow, they were also allowed a photo with the stars after.  
Meeting the stars and doing the Panda Bow
Although we only saw a small section of the show I can honestly say it will be a hit and a nice way to enjoy a little calm down time when the children need a break from the rides.
Next we headed to the new Smokehouse BBQ restaurant to sample the menu, with many options there is something for everyone from chicken to low & slow roasted pulled pork, beef brisket and pork ribs all cooked in an all wood barbeque pit.  There is even hotdogs and macaroni and cheese for the kids.  It all tasted delicious.
We then got to take a look around the new look Trail of the Kings, the newly revamped home of the Gorillas, Tigers and Lions.  A large clean and fun area, it is decorated with hidden treasure for children to find, lovely low windows so all children can see, even those in buggies and the walk-ways large enough to accommodate crowds which obviously cluster outside the enclosures.  
We also had a chance to take a look at one of the glamping tents which is a new addition opening this Summer.  Fitted with the comforts of a double bed and two singles, a heater as well as a dining table this looks like it will be so much fun, and having been bitten by the camping bug last year it is something we would love to try for a night or two once opened.  There will be access to parts of the park after hours (not the rides) and entertainment will be put on after closing.  How fun would be be to stay near the animals?  I know the kids would love it although I’m not sure how much sleeping they would do.
Another new addition coming this summer is a Go Ape course, this would be a great activity for the kids and adults of course and there will also be a smaller take trial for littler children.  Especially great if you are staying over night and taking advantage of the offers such as a free second day in the Park.  It would certainly ensure the children were tired out!
We took 2 very tired children up to sleep in the Azteca hotel that evening, and certainly didn’t have the usual stuggles of getting the children to sleep in a new environment – they were shattered after the evenings entertainment which was then followed by a lovely meal and balloon animals and movies for the kids.
Disclaimer: we were guests of Chessington for this event, all thoughts and opinions are my own

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