Paper Mache Pig

Emmy is a huge fan of Peppa Pig and Arts & Crafts so this week we combined the both making a paper mache pig.  It was extremely messy but great fun was had by Emmy and I (well until the cleaning up at least).

This is how the mess happens:

You will need –
A blown up balloon
Egg carton box (5 individual egg holders)
PVA glue
Newspaper torn or cut into strips
Apron (a must)
paint brush
Pink paint
Googly eyes/black paint or a pen

I blew up the balloon and cellotaped 4 feet using the egg cartons to the bottom and 1 to make a snout for the pig.

I then poured PVA glue into a bowl and mixed with water, gave Emmy some torn up newspaper and a paint brush and with help from Mummy we paper mached her piggy.

To paper mache the  bottom of the pig I placed it upside down in another bowl.  This carried on until the balloon was completely covered in newspaper, it was then placed into the airing cupboard overnight, then the whole process was repeated so the balloon had 2 layers of paper – then back into the airing cupboard over night.

Emmy painted her Peppa Pig Pink and left to dry before adding features to it and is now a great addition to her play farm.

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