Paper Mache Pumpkin – Our Craft Fail

We are always inundated with Trick or Treaters as our house is an end of Terrace the road side of a busyish street.

Usually I buy a large pot of sweeties from the Supermarket and leave by the front door ready for the door bell. This year Emmy and I have been making a Paper Mache Pumpkin which we plan to put the treats into (and maybe even a few homemade jelly worms as a bit of a trick!)

This is a craft of ours which went wrong – It looks OK, however I’m not happy with it, however I thought I would share it anyway just so you can see, and to prove that we can’t always get things right!

What we used:

A Balloon
Cut-up newspaper strips
PVA glue
Orange paint
Black paint
A bowl (to stand the Balloon on)

First I blew up the Balloon and sat it in the bowl, then gave Emmy the newspaper strips and the glue – she poured the glue into a plastic container and we mixed in some water.

We then dipped the newspaper into the gloop and stuck onto the Balloon until it was all covered….this did take a long time and was very messy but was great fun.

I left it to dry over night and we repeated the whole process all over again the next day, again leaving to dry over night.

Emmy then painted this Orange – leaving to dry and then finally I could pop the Balloon and cut out eyes, nose and a mouth shape.

I cut off the top to give our Pumpkin a lid which could be put back on again once filled with sweets however this fell apart when I was cutting it so I popped it into the bin.

Emmy then painted the inside of the Pumpkin Black – going a little too far into the eye sockets and getting paint on the outside so we added some Black detailing to the outside too.

Once dried we filled with sweets and our pumpkin is ready for our Trick or Treaters come Halloween.

Our craft did work (well except for the lid) however it’s not quite as I pictured it.  Saying that a lot of it is done solely by a 2 year old so I am pleased with our efforts, it looks homemade – but that’s because it is! (time to lower my expectations and just be very pleased with what we created on our own).

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