Paw Patrol Jumbling Towers Review

Harry absolutely loves Paw Patrol, those lovable pups are rather endearing I have to admit so when he received the Jumbling Towers game from Spinmaster he was of course over the moon.

Jumbling Towers is a colourful version of Jenga, a game we all know and love. It’s played in the same way only with the added element of colours and a dice to improve upon a classic game.


The blocks are coloured Red, Blue and Yellow and all have paw prints adoring them,

You build up a tower using rows of the colour blocks, one of each colour on each row, when building alternate the direction of the bricks.

Paw Patrol Jumbling Towers

Once you have built up your tower you take it in turns to roll the dice, the dice shows the block colours. If you roll Red you have to remove the Red block etc. Once a block is removed you carefully place it on top f the tower.

The colour elements to this game make it more challenging especially for the younger audience it is intended for.

Harry enjoyed playing but of course being only 4 he did manage to lose the dice after the first day so we had to resort to the traditional version of planning instead (choosing a block at random).

With children’s imaginations being as great as they are we often use these blocks to make car tracks, bridges for Harry’s cars, rooms for the Sylvanian families and just to build with and we happily do this together for hours after the initial game has ended – Harry will happily sit and play the game but 2 times in a row is his absolute limit.

Paw Patrol Jenga

Priced at only £9.99 this for us is great value for the hours of creative fun it gives just don’t give it to me to put back in the box as I will end up throwing it across the room when the pieces fall over and I have to start again……although a top tip is to build the tower on top of a piece of paper or even a plate, turn the box upside down over it and then flip it over quickly and carefully.

Disclaimer: We received this game in exchange for this post


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