Paw Patrol Mission Paw – Mission Cruiser – Robo Dog and Vehicle #review

Harry is Paw Patrol MAD – it’s a love he has had for a while now and thankfully (as we’ve been slowly collecting all of the toys over the past year or so) it’s not one that was a short lived affair.

I can’t say I blame him really, it is a very cute show which Emmy will watch too and I also find myself sitting and watching with him – and sometimes without too!

The latest addition to the Paw Patrol toy range is the Paw Patrol Mission Paw – Mission Cruiser  which comes with Robo Dog and his Vehicle.

This is one of the larger toys in the range with the length being an impressive 40.6cm and it is 36.8cm wide.

No job is too big, no pup is too small for the Mission Paw pups

The pups and vehicles to go alongside this toy are available to buy separately, with Robo Dog and his vehicle already included. The pups and vehicles also come with a mission card which goes into the pop-up screen on top of the mission cruiser (these also work in the new mission pup pad which is sold separately). The mission cards are holographic cards with mission images for each pup on them, they don’t actually do anything in the screen other than show the pictures – they have barcodes on the back which I assume work with the new pup pad.

There are 3 lift up sections to this cruiser, Press the button on top of the cruiser and the screen pops up and the side opens to reveal an area for storing up to 3 vehicles. The mission cards can be stored in the back of the vehicle and a pup can also fit. and there is room in the front for a pup driver and 2 passengers.

This takes 3 AG13 batteries which are already included – something every parent loves to see.

Harry loves this and his current vehicles also fit within the cruiser so he can play with his toys and move them from room to room before they set about their new missions. Of course the older vehicles don’t have the new mission cards to use with the pop-up screen but they can be purchased separately for around £9.99.

Harry has played with this constantly since it arrived, in fact it is currently on holiday with us and is a perfect choice for a hotel stay as it is compact (OK it is a larger toys but all the bits fit inside so makes it something to amuse for a while) and can carry 3 vehicles and 3 pups meaning he has enough to amuse him in a confined space.

Paw patrol mission cruiser with robo dog and vehicle

He has had great fun making up missions for his pups to perform from sending Chase to rescue his bedtime bear from an escaped lion to Robo Dog rescuing all his animals from a run away car.

I just love toys like this for bringing out a child’s imagination – he can watch the NEW ‘Mission Paw’ episodes on Nick Jnr weekly and then bring those missions to life through play in the comfort of our own home.

Role play and imaginative play are my favourite parts of child’s play – they help to develop understanding of our environment around us, develop language skills as well as encourage sharing and turn taking. Any toy which is able to get my children sharing and playing nicely together is obviously a huge hit for me and this is one of those toys – Harry and Emmy have been performing missions together, using team work to come up with storylines and to find solutions as the pups would do in the show.

The Paw Patrol mission cruiser is made by Spin Master Toys and available from all good retailers for £44.99.

Take a closer look in Harry’s video :

Disclaimer: We received this item in exchange for this post, all thought and opinions are our own.


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