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Pearson Teaching Awards

When Emmy started Reception she had a bumpy start, moving from her beloved Nursery where she had a very close circle of good friends to a big school – albeit the Nursery was attached to the school but it was all so different for her. There were 3 classes of Reception aged children, many from her Nursery but she was split from all but one of her close friends.

This shake up, teamed with moving from 5 half days to 5 full days, a new routine, new faces and new teachers left her uneasy and not liking school.

She would cry going into school and each day was a battle, starting from when she woke up and often continuing at bedtime with pleas of not wanting to go the next day.

It took a good few weeks of coaxing and reassuring to get her into class without tears, unfortunately just as she began to settle in her teacher went on maternity leave and a temp took her place. We were back to square one once again, and the coaxing had to start over.

Although eventually she did resettle into a routine, she never enjoyed her Reception year. It also didn’t help that she managed to also pick up every single bug which circled around the school which saw her falling a little behind her fellow class mates in lessons due to the amount of time off.

Emmy bloomed in year 1, this was her year to shine and it was with huge thanks to her wonderfully caring and loving teacher Miss Bonham.

There are some teachers who you will never forget, some which have a way with the children and you can tell just how much they love their jobs. Miss Bonham is one of those teachers. She ALWAYS started the day with a beaming smile and the day ended with that smile still in place, and you were able to tell it wasn’t a forced one either. She genuinely enjoyed teaching.

During year 1, Emmy thrived. She moved up a few reading levels and always wanted to read at home so she could receive her certificate in assembly and homework was never a chore for her as she was so eager to please her favourite teacher.

Gone were the tantrums about going into school and instead we had those on the school holidays as she wanted to keep going in.

Having a nice teacher, one which your children like and relate to makes all the difference. Knowing Emmy was so happy in school made me relax as a parent and she wanted to learn and even wanted to do extra homework.

The Pearson Teaching Awards

I’ve just nominated Miss Bonham for a Teaching Award Thank You Card, by entering her details online Miss Bonham will now receive a thank you card. Not only will she receive a card but she has now been entered into the Pearson Teaching Awards.

The Pearson Teaching Awards Trust is a charity set up in 1998 as a means of recognising and celebrating excellence in education (the awards are open to every school in England, Wales and Northern Ireland). Each year they accept nominations, either direct or via the thank a teacher card route and then in April/ May those nominations are judged and Silver Award winners will be chosen. In June there is a national thank a teacher day and those silver winners are announced and celebrated bringing much deserved recognitions to those who are amazing at their jobs.

In October there is the national award ceremony in London where Gold Plato award winners in each category are announced. This years ceremony was held on Sunday 22nd October and will be televised on BBC2 as ‘Britain’s Classroom Heroes’ on Sunday 29th October 2017 at 6pm.

I can’t wait to watch this with the children. Will you be watching?

You can also nominate your favourite teacher, head teacher, TA or even a whole school if you wanted to. Why not say thank you to the people who are teaching our children, who are helping to ensure they have the key skills to achieve whatever their hearts desire. What are you waiting for?  It takes less than 5 minutes to do.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, I am working alongside Mumsnet and the Pearson Teaching Awards. 

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