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You all know how much Peppa Pig fan Emmy is after our visit to Peppa Pig World and Peppa Pig Stage Show and even many of our crafts are Piggy themed, so it won’t surprise you that we also buy the Peppa Pig Magazines for Emmy.

More often than not she does some colouring in and uses the stickers and sometimes we read the story but then the magazine is put aside or thrown away.  However now Emmy is almost two I have decided we will work our way through the magazines properly so when in issue No. 23 of the Peppa Pig Magazine I saw a guide on how to make Peppa bookends we just had to try.  I will show you what we did.

What we used:
6 old CD cases
2 kitchen roll tubes
PVA glue

First I Cellotaped 3 CD cases together as shown in this picture:

I then did the same with the other 3 CD cases however making sure they were facing the other way.

Next Emmy and I paper mached over the cases using a mixture of half water and half PVA glue – this wasn’t necessary but we like to get messy, I wanted her involver with the craft and I knew if I wrapped it just in paper she would unwrap it in no time.

This took quite a while but Emmy does love getting messy, it was then left to dry overnight – it didn’t take that long to dry as we only added one layer of paper mache.

The next step was making sure the bookends were facing the right way to paint the floor/grass Green and the Castle walls Yellow/Orange.  Emmy helped with this too with a little guidance as she wanted to paint it all Green.  We also painted the kitchen roll tubes orange too.
Once the paint was dry I drew lines over the Orange walls and then added a brick effect, this included to the towers as well (kitchen rolls)

Next I cut out the door, windows, flags and Peppa and George from the Magazine.  If you don’t have this Magazine you could draw your own or even print a Peppa and George from your computer.  I then stuffed newspaper inside the towers to help them to keep their shape as I know Emmy would pick them up by these and it also gave me something to glue down.  I added glue to the bottom of the newspaper filled towers and glued down to the grass as shown, then added a window and a flag to the towers, added the doors and stuck on George and Peppa.

To finish off I drew around one of Emmy’s bowls onto blue card to make a circle, cut this out, folded in half and then half again using the folds as a guide to cut to the middle.  I made two of these then folded them round and glued adding to the top of the towers as turrets.

Our Peppa Pig Bookends were now finished – Emmy loves them and they have made a great play area for her other Peppa Pig figures, we now have Danny Dog, Pedro Pony and Rebecca Rabbit living in the Castle too. (and once we find Zoe Zebra she will live there too).


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  1. Seriously impressed. I tried reading the Peppa Pig Magazine with my 2 and half year old (Syra) and it ended with a shredding fest on the kitchen floor.

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