Peppa Pig Holiday Mumbassador Summer post

I’m rather delayed in posting this Mumbassadors post as due to our sad news just before our summer holidays I have put blogging on hold for the best part of the summer to spend time looking after the children and creating happy memories with them in a bid to help them cope with their grief.
As you do know both Emmy and Harry are BIG Peppa Pig fans and with the Summer holidays in full flow this last delivery of Peppa themed items was wonderful and perfect for both children.


This bundle was just perfect for use over the summer adventures and fun – we were sent lots of water type toys from Swimming goggles, squirters and soft water toys, sunglasses and sun hats were also worn loads this summer and by having a character on that the children liked they actually manage to keep them on…..well for a while anyway.
The passport covers and luggage tags are really cute, sadly Emmy and Harry don’t yet have passports as they haven’t been abroad so I’ve popped these away for use at a later date – I’m hoping I actually remember where that safe place is once I actually do have passports for them.
Of course, water fun means wet children so the lovely poncho hooded towel and bath sheet was a welcome addition to our summer bundle, I do actually wish the hooded ponchos were a little larger though as would be perfect for after swimming lessons for Emmy but they get stuck over her head. I do find they are both very girlie looking as happens to be the case with many Peppa Pig items, thankfully Harry isn’t at all fussed about this.
The most loved and most used (and of course the one which caused most fights) was Peppa Pig Holiday Time Grandpa Pig’s Boat
 We have had this not only in the bath but in the paddling pool too.
 It is a cute plastic boat which comes with 3 removable figures, Peppa, George and Grandpa Pig.  The figures stand up on the boat which floats on the water.  It doesn’t actually do anything other than float but the kids don’t seem to mind at all.  There is also a very tint removable pretend bell which attaches to the front of the boat, as you can imagine ours has been lost already. Widgets

Disclaimer:  We were sent these items as part of our ambassadors role.
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