Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt – Live Stage Show

A few weeks back we took Emmy to see Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt – A live stage show featuring Peppa, George and all of their friends.

We attended Watford Colosseum on a Sunday afternoon. It was easy to see where the show was being screened as lots of Children were wandering around with Peppa Pig or George Pig Light up Windmills and Peppa balloons. This made Emmy very excited and she bounced/ran up to the doors. While I was collecting our tickets Emmy dragged Daddy over the the mechanise stall and chose a Peppa Pig windmill for herself.

We took our seats and not long after the lights dimmed and the show started, Emmy was a little unsure to start but as Danny Dog, Pedro Pony and Zoe Zebra started playing hide and seek on the stage she was memorised.
The shows sees Peppa and all of her friend’s going on an adventure, a Treasure Hunt and all dress up as Rirates.  They follow the clues in a long search for the treasure – I won’t spoil it too much for you but they do find that treasure.

They go by Train, Boat, Coach and Balloon. Emmy was very excited when she saw the transport especially the Train and kept shouting ‘Choo Choo Poppa’.

The characters were puppets and the puppeteers were all dressed in black to blend into the background, it was very cleverly done and the puppets mouths moved when talking and singing.

There were some fantastic songs and dances in the show and Emmy especially loved the part where all the sea creatures came to life in the rock-pools. Beware though a good few weeks on I am still singing “Naughty little Crabs go pinch pinch pinch, even when their good they go pinch pinch pinch….” It’s rather catchy and I wish I knew the rest of the words as it’s getting rather annoy singing that line over and over again.

This really is a must see show for all Peppa Pig fans.

The show runs until the end of July 2012 in various different locations. To find out more visit

(Emmy giving a standing ovation at the end of the show)

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