The perfect start to the summer holidays

I recently wrote about how much fun the kids were having in school during the last few weeks, they had a blast, both smashed their sports days with Emmy coming 1st in 2 of her races and Harry coming 1st and 2nd.

Inflatables day was epic – they were pretty much on the school field from 10.20 until 2 pm with breaks and lunch but were able to bounce the day away with their friends on the bouncy castles, then as I’d purchased wristbands for them both they could spend from 2.15-5.30 on the field after school continuing the bouncy fun with their friends with myself and all other parents who wanted to join the fun. It was such a lovely day although we did have to find a spot in the shade and hide under the trees as it was so warm, we had a picnic and Emmy’s friend who’d left the school a while ago as the family moved house came back to join in the fun. It was a great way to raise money for the school and reward the children for a great school year.

They broke up for Summer on Thursday afternoon and it’s already been none stop fun here, they say you only have 18 summers with your children and although I’d like to think they would want to spend more time with me after that point you never know, I plan to make the summer as fun as possible.

On Friday we picked up an old friend of mine from the station (she lives in London now although did use to live locally and actually rented one of my spare rooms before we were married) along with her 3-year-old son and we all headed to Paradise Wildlife Park, this is somewhere we have visited many times as it’s local to us but they hadn’t visited before.

We spent a lovely day here exploring the park, looking at the animals, venturing around the new dinosaur section (more on that to follow shortly in a separate review) and splashing in the splash park.

Upon returning home they all headed into the pool in the garden and then had dinner, Julie headed into town for a birthday bash while we babysat her son for the evening. He was as good as gold, the children all got on so well and seeing as he hadn’t stayed here before he didn’t even bat an eyelid.

summer of fun

In the morning they had breakfast before hitting the pool for the day again – it’s cold so they stay in for 20 minutes, dry off, run around then get back in again and then repeat around 50 times. I have never used so many towels in one day and am so glad the weather is amazing so they all dry quickly.

Another friend and her son headed over on Saturday around 1 pm, wine in hand and the 4 children all played nicely in the garden until Rudy’s parents picked him up around 3 pm.

That left 3 who pretty much played in the garden constantly all afternoon only getting out of the pool when dinner around (it has to be a takeaway pizza on occasions like this). They all get on so well and the hours disappeared – cue a late night so the kids and another impromptu sleepover.

Today started slowly, after 2 very late nights for the kids and 2 very early wake-ups for me from overexcited boys we were all overtired. Emmy had to be woken up at 11.30am – I do wonder how long she would have slept for if we hadn’t woken her then I began packing for our holiday.

In the afternoon we walked up to the White Water Rafter Centre to celebrate the birthday of a special 11-year-old, a friends daughter and someone we all love dearly. I’ve been looking after her and her brother in the mornings and walking to school for around 18months-2 years and she will now be attending secondary school come September so won’t be with us in the mornings anymore. We have a lovely bond – she is such a wise and clever young lady, has an amazing sense of humour and helps to keep me not only sane but organised in the mornings.

They played in the beach area, had a picnic, played games and had a huge water fight. A lovely way to spend the afternoon and to help celebrate with her friends.

My kids just about had enough energy left to walk home (it takes half an hour) before having dinner with Harry falling asleep halfway through his bolognese. Emmy is shattered so will be asleep very soon.

What a perfect way to start the summer.

Next is a holiday for my Mum’s 60th (and my parents 40th wedding anniversary), the packing is finally done, the house sitters arrive in the morning and we are then all set to head off….without the worry of who’s going to water the vegetable patch – yes I do feel old saying that but the kids have been so good watering it every single day and are proud of their efforts.

How’s your summer so far?


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