Persil and Unicef unite to help 10 million children

School holiday’s are almost over now and we have begun the back to School preparation with new School shoes, haircuts and last minute uniform size checks – me being me has managed to lose Emmy’s PE bag full of her clean kit which I cleverly washed and repacked at the end of the school, so will have to try and search over the weekend or replace before we go back.
With this preparation it has made me remember the preparation of 2 years ago when Emmy first started Nursery and Facebook/timehop has also been reminding me with pictures of her trying on uniform and by next week it will show her first day.  This picture popped up today which my brother sent to me on the run up to her starting:

That was pretty much what Emmy was like – while her friends were busy getting excited, she was busy saying she didn’t want to go, crying and getting herself very upset.
It was hard to see as a parent and upset me greatly.  I knew as a former Nursery Nurse and Nanny that once she was there and I had left that she would be fine, the tears would stop almost instantly and she would have fun.  It didn’t make it any easier though and I did cry myself on a few occasions.
She of course survived, she did stop crying almost instantly but did cling to me crying at most drop off’s for a while, I would pass her over to the teacher and leave as quickly as I could, not because I am mean but because it was easiest for her and her teachers and had I stayed she would have wanted that all the time.
Of course it didn’t last forever, she made friends and was excited to go to school, then cried when it wasn’t her school day as she missed her friends and teachers.  We went through this all over again when she started in reception.  She had new children in her class who she didn’t know, new teachers and a new classroom – it was all different and she didn’t like it.  She doesn’t cope well with change but eventually we overcame this and she was happy again.  I am expecting it all over again when she goes back as she will have a new classroom and a new teacher, more structured lessons and dare I say it….homework.


We are lucky though, in the UK all children are entitled to an education from aged 5 – 16.  Globally, there are 130 million children in education who will reach year 5, but fail to learn basic reading, math, writing and social skills they need to achieve their full potential.  Furthermore, an additional 58 million children are out of school without access to basic education.
Persil has launched their ‘Learning for Tomorrow’ initiative in partnership with Unicef.  Their first step in committing to help improve the future of children around the world and support them in reaching their full potential through access to quality education and new learning experiences.

The initative is funded with an initial €1.4 million donation from Persil and Unilever Global Partnerships, which ill contribute to Unicef’s education programmes, providing access to quality education opportunities for 10 million children in Brazil, India and Vietnam.




As part of Persil’s partnership with Unicef, celebrating the giving of 10M children worldwide access to quality education, Persil are running a Photo-A-Week challenge. Each week for 4 weeks, you could win exciting prizes! Each week Persil will announce a school theme on their Instagram page @PersilUK and ask you to upload your photo to Instagram. Just mention @PersilUK using that week’s competition hashtag. 


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5 thoughts on “Persil and Unicef unite to help 10 million children

  1. I'm so glad and happy that your child is starting school. A lot of kids around the world can't get an education and they are forced to work at a young age

  2. oh not looking forward to the days when I have to drop our little one and have her clinging! there have been a few times when she's done this to me even though she's been with her dad and it broke my heart! cartoon is great 🙂

  3. This is such an amazing post, I love that persil are really trying to educate all over! Education is still missing from so many childrens lives and its great to see businesses helping!

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