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My kids both love to get messy in the kitchen, it’s one of the constant things they ask to do – first thing in the morning or straight home from school “Can we do some cooking”.
Usually I try to say yes, but there are obviously times when it’s just not possible, say just before bed for example.  I try to involve them both whenever I can though as I find if they help to prepare and make our food they eat better and try new things.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be a whole meal they prepare, they are happy to put the potatoes into the pan and to help peel the carrots etc.
Cooking with kids is fun however the aftermath not so much!
I much prefer it when we make sweet treats as although the mess is usually the same, at least I can lick the bowls and the spoons (I mean the kids can!) and have a treat after the cleaning up.
Speaking of cleaning up, Persil came to our aid – they must know just how messy the kids are!  And sent over some Persil to help tackle the aftermath of cooking with kids, it actually even encouraged Emmy to wash up, and although the floor ended up soaked, and her clothes and Harry too (I’m not sure how as he didn’t even go near the sink) the dishes and bowls were clean and it also works well to clean the work surfaces after cooking too along with hot water.
Persil are currently running an on pack promotion where once registered you can enter the codes collected from special promotional pack to claim your free kids baking sets.
Codes are printed on Persil Washing Up Liquid and parents can collect points for every bottle of washing up liquid that they buy – these can be exchanged for kids cookery gifts such as aprons, hats and colourful whisks, plus other great prizes
Details can be found on the website and for every code you enter you are automatically entered into a prize draw to win £250 worth of supermarket vouchers.
You need to hurry though as the rewards are quickly running out so if you’ve any packs at home enter your codes while you still can.

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