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For over 13 years I was a Nanny and during that time I have made the children behaviour and reward charts – these were simple charts made up of columns and rows with the children’s names on, what I wanted them to do on the left and the days of the week at the top – we used these for homework, cleaning teeth, being nice to each other, potty training…anything which could be used on the chart was placed on the chart because it worked.

Having something visual to look at for young children really helps them to understand, they can see their progress via stickers or even ticked boxes and enjoyed working towards an end of week treat.

Now I have my own children I am beginning to think back to these charts, they worked but they were very boring.  Knowing Emmy she would prefer bright colours and something personalised would work best for her. 

That’s why Kiddy Charts are so great.  These are Reward or behaviour charts which are not only colourful and bright but can be completely personalised to how you would like.  Following online instructions you can create charts specific to your child.

To demonstrate I have made up a few different ones for Emmy to show you just how easy and effective these charts are.

Reward Chart:

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This is customised with a picture of Emmy, with the days of the week in fun pictures across the top and the things she needs to remember to do on the left: Being good, Listening to what your told, Eating nicely, not using your dummy & Brushing teeth.

You can choose 5 behaviours to add to the chart from a list and can have these displayed in 3 ways: Picture only, picture and written (as I have) or written only.

Track Me Chart:

Kiddy Charts, Reward charts for kids, persnalised reward charts, review,

This is also customised with a picture of your choice and you then choose the reward the child can work towards after getting all their stickers for completing a task.  We are using ours for getting Emmy to brush her teeth as she hates doing it and refuses – when she has all her stickers she can get a magazine.

You can choose the reward from a list.

Care for Me Chart:

Kiddy Charts, Reward charts for kids, persnalised reward charts, review,

These charts are great is you have different activities planned during the week or if your child has different people looking after them in the week.  The chart above shows Emmy’s pre-school days come April, a good reminder for me as we are changing her from mornings to afternoons and she will do a full day on a Tuesday.  You can add different careers into the other gaps or as I have done leave blank.  I will print of one of these each week and write our activities onto it, so on Saturday afternoons I can add swimming as Emmy has a lesson on that day, our play days are often Fridays and I can add on when she is seeing Nanny and Grandad. 

Emmy likes to know what is going on and this is definitely a chart which will help her.

All of the charts give the option to choose a theme, from fairies and ballerinas to pirates and magic, there really is a chart for everyone.  Prices start at £1.99 and you can print at home or chose for them to be sent to you.

I highly recommend Kiddy Charts, why not try for yourself?  Create a few charts and decide what you like the best, you only pay for the charts you choose to print so have a play around – what do you have to loose?

Disclaimer:  I was given site credits to create my charts for this review, all thoughts are my own and I will definitely be buying more when my credits are gone. 

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