Phota Your Mota – Emmy stylee

I was tagged by My Buggy Junction in the latest Money Supermarket blogger competition called “Phota Your Mota” and being the most organised person in the world the worlds worst organised person I’ve left it to the very very last minute – whoops

To enter this competition I need to show you a picture of a car I’ve liked and admired and tell you a little about it.

So here goes: Our favourite car – Emmy style

About our car

  • It was brought second hand and had one previous careful owner
  • We got a great deal on it and was even able to haggle a little
  • The petrol tank was empty but Emmy thinks that’s actually broken, we will need to take it for an MOT soon
  • It lives lovingly in our garden and even has it’s own parking space
  • Although made for one driver it’s adaptable and can easily fit two
  • It’s very cheap to run
  • It has great boot space for teddies, mud, drinks and just about everything else
  • Excellent fuel economy as a packet of sweets fed to the driver will keep it going all day and just try giving her coke – you’ll never catch this beast
  • It comes with a built in car wash – just add a bucket and sponge
  • It’s easy to park
  • The colour can be changed at any time with the use of stickers

As you can tell this well loved car is of course is none other than the old favourite of every childs the Cosy Coupe.

I tag Lucy’s Mad House, Domestic Goddesque and My Monkey’s don’t sit still to join in too.

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