Pick Your Own – A day out fruit picking

Emmy has never been a fan of fresh fruit, give her any vegetable and she will happily eat it until it comes out of her ears – Sprouts, Peas, Sweetcorn, Broccoli, Carrots, you name it she will eat it.  However fruit has to either be pureed, dried or a Banana, Apple or Grape.

Now this isn’t a problem at all – she eats healthily however I do like her to try new things and seeing as my major pregnancy craving is fruit – namely Strawberries, I wanted Emmy to at least try some.

She will touch them happily, sniff them and I’ve recently managed to get her to lick Strawberries but instantly she says “Yuck” and throws them away, so today after lunch when it was clear she wasn’t going to have a nap I took her to our local Pick your own for the first time.  This is only a 10 minute drive from us and she was excited when I told her we were going to pick strawberries – she grabbed her welly boots and her toy shopping basket and off we went.

On arrival the lady weighed Emmy’s basket, gave me a few more as I wanted Raspberries and Blackberries too and off we went.

We headed off to pick Blackberries first as these were furthest away – I showed Emmy the Black ones and picked a few myself before I was told “No Mummy, Emmy do it myself”, which she did and she loved it.

Emmy loved having free rein over where she went and what she picked, and kept going up and down the rows of fruits to pick more Berries.  I did manage to get her to eat a Blackberry however she wasn’t keen – but she tried so she received loads of praise. 

Next were the Raspberries – this was a little harder to tell her to pick the right colour as most of them were Red but some not quite ripe yet, however she soon learnt to turn them around and check the colour on all sides, and once again off she went demanding she did it alone.

Again by picking her own fruit when I said shall we try one, instead of throwing it instantly away and saying “Yuck”, she licked it, then bit it, and then surprisingly went on to eat about 5 saying “Yummy Mummy” – a major breakthrough!
Lastly were the Strawberries, my favourite at the moment.  These were on table tops but were at Emmy’s height and she didn’t need any telling – off she went and before long she had filled a huge toy shopping basket full.

Without ant prompting this time she instantly handed me the basket and licked one, then ate it rather quickly, and another, and another, and another!!  It seems I now have a rival for my Strawberries and have created a Strawberry monster.
We had a great afternoon out – it may not have been as cheap as buying our fruit in the supermarket, however these taste a lot nicer, will last longer as we know they are freshly picked and most importantly Emmy now LOVES Raspberries and Strawberries. 
The fruits of our labour, this lot cost £10.46 and is going down a real treat.  I highly recommend an afternoon fruit picking for a great day out with your little one.

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  1. When I was a child I loved fruit picking, unfortunately I can't have children of my own but my stepdaughter is pregnant with her first child so I cannot wait to take my granddaughter/son – looks like your little one had a fabulous time 🙂

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