Pig Goes Pop – Review & Giveaway

Emmy is currently at the age where she loves games, she is enjoying sitting down together and playing games where you need to take turns.

Recently she was sent Pig Goes Pop from Drumond Park to play with and she loves it.

Pig Goes Pop is a cute Burger chef Piggy who over eats until his coat bursts open and he goes POP.

This games is aged for children 4 and up and can be played with up to 6 players.

Inside the box are:
Piggy Chef
1 dice
4 Purple burgers
4 Red burgers
4 Yellow burgers
4 Green burgers

On the bottom of each burger is a number 1-4, the burgers are placed number side down.  You make  sure the air is out of the pig’s tummy by turning his tail to the left, push his arms down and do up his coat and your ready to play.

Start by rolling the dice to determine the colour burger you pick up (Purple, Red, Yellow or Green) – an X means miss a go and the four coloured square means choose any colour.

Pig Goes Pop, Drumond Park, review, www.emmysmummy.com

Pick up the colour you have rolled, turn it over and look at the number, this is the number of times you need to press down on the pig’s head after feeding him the burger.  By pressing on his head his tummy starts to swell.

Keep on rolling until there are no burgers left, if you roll a colour and there are none of that colour left then you miss a turn.  The loser is the won who makes the Pig go Pop.

This game encourages turn taking and helps Emmy to identify colours and numbers.

We played it with friend recently and they all loved it.  It is a current favourite of Emmy’s.

Priced at £19.99 this is available from www.drumondpark.com

Giveaway Time
Would you like to win one of these game’s for yourself?  Well you can – just fill in the Rafflecopter form below:
This Giveaway will end at Midnight on 4th August 2013 – Good Luck.

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