Pirate birthday party with Mystical Fairies

A pirate birthday party from Mystical fairies

As you may have seen Harry turned 5 last month. He’d not had an actual birthday party before except for the one we threw for his 1st birthday as that was also combined with his Christening, this is for a number of reasons including he hasn’t really had his own set of friends before, playing with Emmy’s friends or their siblings and him choosing to go away on holiday instead of having a party (they tend to cost roughly the same anyway).

When he started school he finally had a circle of mates who he wanted to celebrate his birthday with and he talked of nothing but having his own party.

The birthday planning started a few months previous when Mystical Fairies got in touch and offered the entertainment for a party of our choice, choosing whichever theme we wanted.

Harry has always had a Pirate bedroom, decorated by myself when I was pregnant and he’s has a huge love of all things pirate orientated, so of course when asked what party he wanted it was going to be Pirate themed.

Mystical Fairies offer a one stop party planning to help with all children’s parties. They have amazing entertainers ready to entertain children’s parties for a number of different themes and are also open to suggestions should you not see what you are looking for on the website. They have princesses, fairies, star wars, pirate’s and many others.

We opted for a Pirate party and talked through what we would like before the day numerous times. Whenever I had a question I was able to call or email and have it answered very quickly.

As well as providing entertainers they can provide someone to set up the hall/room for you who is also able to stay and face paint/apply temporary tattoos etc. for you (at an extra cost). They can even make up the party bags and source cakes should you wish.

Our entertainer then called us before the party to talk through how many kids were coming, what games we wanted and any songs we may like played. I was open to leaving the ball in their court, wanting to see what they could do and not restricting their creative flow.

On the day of the party the duo met us at the hall 30 minutes before the party started to get ready. While we set the hall up with tables and chairs and unpacked the food, cake and party bags from our car they set up their equipment and went to get changed.

We greeted Harry’s guests and the Pirates were ready, playing with the kids until most had arrived then starting their show.

I’ll begin by saying I have never seen 25 mainly 4 and 5 year olds sit so well throughout an entire party and this was commented on by their parents too! This swashbuckling duo captured their attention from the off and put in their all throughout the 2 hour party.

The main Pirate took charge and his assistant helped to round up the children for the games and give out prizes throughout. They were able to easily project their voices over the crowd of energetic children without the need to shout at all and the games they played were age appropriate and ones the children already knew but with a pirate twist to them (changing the names).

They played a few games before the food was served and while the children were eating they went around and made balloon swords and animals for the children, chatted with them and made sure they were all having fun, and then after the fun and games continued.

The entertainers were always on the ball and made an effort to make sure all children were included in the games and that all won prizes during the games.

Their energy was never ending so it seemed and they certainly made us adults feel tired just watching them run around with the children.

I usually find that during kids parties there are a few who hang back with their parents not wanting to join in, I am a parent to 2 children like that so do know how hard it can be to get them to want to have fun with their friends. During this party however this was short lived, with a few girls starting off in the side lines but soon joining in with all the fun.

The children all had a blast and were still taking about it weeks later which is a sign of a great party, and Harry is already planning what he wants for his next birthday party, but don’t just take my word for it – just take a look at our video and see for yourselves:

I’d like to say a huge thanks to Mystical Fairies for providing the entertainment for Harry’s party and we will certainly be booking again for future parties.

For more information on the types of parties available from Mystical Fairies please do visit the website and if you can’t find what you are looking for do drop them an email or call them – the ladies are so friendly and will certainly help with all your party needs. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and over on Instagram.

They are London based and offer parties within the M25 area BUT can travel further afield by arrangement (with travel costs covered).


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