Pizza for tea

I find if I let Emmy help me make dinner, she eats more as she feels involved – although as she is only 17 months old I make easy and quick things with her.

Yesterday was homemade pizza.

Pizza base or packet mix (we used packet mix)
Tomatoe puree or chopped tomatoes (we cheated and brought a jar)
Grated cheese
Toppings of your choice
Round baking tray/pizza tray (although a square or rectangle one can be used)
Olive oil
Rolling pin (or coca-cola bottle/wine bottle – yes i’ve dont that before)
Flour (for dusting)

As Emmy is still small I find it easiest to have all the ingredients out in separate bowls before we start as she has a limited attention span. (although if she takes after me that may not change!)

We then made up our pizza dough as per instructions on the packet – emptied into the blender with 4ml warm water and kneeded/mixed for 5 minutes.

I then dusted the work surface with flour, gave Emmy a rolling pin and let her play for a bit while i oiled the pizza trays.

With a bit (lot) of help we managed to roll out the dough and spread on the tomatoe sauce (from a jar).  Emmy was then let loose with the cheese and the toppings, having lots of fun eating them, feeding them to the dog and occassionally getting it on the actual pizza.

They were then cooked on 200 degrees in the oven for about 12-15 minutes. Cooled then enjoyed. The mess was dealt with later on with Emmy safely in her highchair eating her home-made tea.

 We usually have more toppings on our pizza but this was done on an empty fridge day!!

2 thoughts on “Pizza for tea

  1. Tickled pink! Love that she eats more when she helps… U'll have a master chef in no time!! xx xx xx

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