Planning a weekend in London with the kids

For a while now we have been meaning to book a hotel somewhere in London and spend the weekend exploring with the children.  I know we are only 45 minutes away on the tube but travelling in with children is always tiring,  especially after spending all day on their feet and while we are there we try to pack as much into out day, let’s face it having over tired children is never fun to deal with.

As you know this year we became Merlin Annual Pass Ambassadors and as a result we now have our Premium Family Annual passes so once again this year we plan to take full advantage of these and visit as many attractions as we can.
Thinking hard and looking into prices I’m actually very tempted to forego the hotel option and instead rent a Luxury apartment in London, there are a few reasons for this one being that it would give the children a lot more space to play as although hotel rooms can be large you are just paying a lot of money for one room, secondly I always struggle getting the children to sleep in hotel rooms as they aren’t used to us all being confined to one room.  Then of course there is the matter of trying to not wake them up once they finally are asleep, having to keep the volume on the TV low and lights dimmed is never as relaxing as you’d think it would be.

So what would we get up to as a family on our weekend in London?

1. Boat trip down the Thames,  this is our favourite way of getting into London and much easier than dealing with the tubes.

2. A trip on the London Eye – We’ve done this quite a few times now but it’s a firm favourite of our and we love it best again night time, so staying over makes sense as it’s rather late for the kids

3. National History Museum – Harry has never been before and would love it

4. Science Museum –  this has been on our to do list for ages but we never seem to fit it in

5. Covent Garden to see the street entertainers – we love to do this with the kids,  they find it fascinating as do I.  So much fun

6. A west end show – I think a matinee would work best with children and I’m unsure which we would like to see. I know Emmy would love Matilda as it’s her favourite film but they would also really enjoy Wicked and a few others. (I’d need to check the age restrictions of the theatres or possibly just take Emmy and Harry can do some more exploring with Paul)

7. A meal out – always the perfect way to end a day and there are so many amazing and child friendly restaurants in London to chose from

Those would probably keep us occupied all weekend but if there were anytime left then we would head back to the Aquarium, somewhere we have been before but something they both love

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  1. This is on our list for the summer holidays. We are around 2 hours away by train and we have done a few day trips into London with the kids. But would love to stay for a few nights and I think an apartment would be a better option than a hotel x

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