Planning ahead to the Summer Holidays

As a former Nanny, as soon as one holiday is over then I start planning for the next one,  this hasn’t changed now I’m no longer working and am a Mum.
In fact I may plan more these days as money is tight and only having one car in the family limits what we can do and when. With this in mind I make list, lots of lists.
I’ve just begun planning our Summer holiday activities ideas. They are a little ambitious so we may only choose a few to do.
Some of these activities I will do alone with the kids during the week and others we will do at the weekend or when Paul has a day off.
The top 10 activities and places to visit on our list are: (in no particular order):
  • The Science Museum – we visited during an event recently and what Emmy saw of it she really enjoyed so a day trip is in order for her (and Paul) to have a proper play and explore.  They really don’t need too much encouraging to press buttons and pull levels and generally poke about etc so this would have to be an all day activity, although I’m not sure who would have more fun out of the two of them!  Of course entry is free which is a bonus
  • The Natural History Museum – I’m convinced that this will be a great day out for Emmy.  I have been a few times and loved it and she would love the Dinosaurs as would Daddy equally.  She often watches the episode of Peppa Pig where George visits the Dinosaurs for his birthday and asks if she can go to! Also free entry
  • A seaside trip.  We have been to Southend a few times with Emmy so are thinking of a little further afield for a change of scenery, perhaps Walton-on-the-Naze or Hastings.  This also would be an all day affair as it would involve travelling.  Taking a picnic with us, beach towels and Emmy’s bucket and spade will help keep the costs down.  I also like to take a purse or small bag full of coppers or 10p’s for the arcades – Emmy could spend hours popping 2 pence’s into the machines.
  • Paultons Park – we have been here already with Emmy, however now she is older I’m convinced she would love the rides even more.  Of course we would have to head straight to Peppa Pig world and onto Grandpa pig’s train and then Windy Castle – those were her favourite rides when we went last, she was around 18 months old and loved it.  This time she would have an even better understanding of where we were and would be able to dictate which order the rides were to be done in.  I’m also hoping the Muddy puddles area would be open as it looked great fun.  If you missed our review before you can see it here.
  • Circus – I have never been to the circus. We had planned to take Emmy last year however forgot when it was local. I would like to take her however I may wait until Harry is a little older so they can both enjoy it, although I’m impatient so will probably go anyway and then go again.
  • Fishing.  I always went fishing with my Dad when I was young and loved it and I still enjoy it.  Paul’s Dad fishes a lot and we have taken Emmy to fish with him – she loved it and caught quite a few fish.  She keeps asking to go again so we will take her when the weather is warmer.  She is really patient and sits really nicely waiting for her fish and will even bait up the hooks with help.
  • Ice-Skating.  I love ice-skating.  I learnt to ice-skate while at school when we went skating as our free choice P.E lessons in the 5th year.  I think Emmy would enjoy this.  it would have to be a Mummy/Daughter activity as Harry obviously is too young and I couldn’t leave him at the side while we skated and Daddy hates it.  I tried to teach him however failed miserably. 
  • Camping.  This one would be down to Daddy as I’m claustrophobic and can’t bear to sleep in a tent.  I tried twice in our back garden and failed sneaking back inside during the night.  Emmy has her sleeping bag ready and loves the idea of camping.  I think they will try in the garden to start with.  I may brave proper camping with my our best friend and her kids as she has a HUGE tent so am prepared to try again in that.
  • Epping Forest.  We live a very short distance from the forest and really love taking Barney
    for long walks into the forest.  Now Emmy is older she will love it too – climbing trees, building dens, collecting leaves and feathers in a nature bag and just being outside.  I will have to invest in a backpack carrier for Harry I think as it’s not really buggy friendly.
  • Hayes Hill Farm. This is less than 5 minutes away from my house and in the school holidays they go all out to help entertain the kids with pig and ferret races. There is a huge jumping pillow to bounce on outside, diggers in the large sand pit, soft play and you can also catch the tractor the visit the working dairy farm and watch the cows being milked. This year now Emmy is older I play to buy season tickets and visit often.
That’s my list so far and I hope to cross of as many of them as I can and make the most of our holidays.

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