Planning a bedroom makeover

The cold weather has really kicked in and I have to admit to coming home today after the school run and firstly changing out of my wet clothes and then popping on the heating.  I then jumped into bed with my laptop as I have a horrid cold and and it’s far too chilly to be anywhere else quite frankly.

With a cuppa soup in hand and Netflix on in the back ground I am looking around my room procrastinating obviously as I should be working and planning my next room make-over.  Yes my bedroom is in need of a few new touches, a lick of paint and an update.

Now my hallway, stairs and landing make-over are almost complete, it’s really making me want to crack on with the other rooms which in 11 years haven’t been touched yet.

I moved into my in-laws house over 11 years ago when their house sale fell through and we’ve been here ever since.  The kids rooms have been overhauled with the recent make over of Emmy’s big girls bedroom and of course Harry’s pirate bedroom and finally it has come time to start planning my room.

We’ve fitted wardrobes on both sides of the room and fitted cupboards over the bed, this means there’s not a lot of wall space left so wallpaper wouldn’t really be seen, so it would be a paint colour for the walls and definitely a new carpet as this is red and I’m not a fan of that colour (and it does make co-coordinating bedding rather difficult).

I am desperately wanting a neutral coloured carpet so I can change the accessories at any time without a complete overhaul each time, I am also thinking of magnolia walls as there aren’t many walls really visable so I don’t think a colour would be advisable as it may close in the room a little.  A new bed is HIGH on the list and a TV one would be amazing (although maybe once the kids are a little older) and most definitely a new king size matress as ours is so very uncomfortable.  I’m loving the colour teal at the moment so I have squirreled away this duvet set and am eyeing up the matching curtains, and of course new cushions are always a great way to add colour cheaply. 

Now of course it is a matter of saving up for the bigger items – carpet and bed and then fining the time to get this actually done.  

Do you have a room in your house you are desperate to get decorated?  Tell me I’m not the only one who plans the whole room in their heads months in advance!

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2 thoughts on “Planning a bedroom makeover

  1. We freshened up our bathroom last weekend and I am so pleased with the result. But like you said its making me want to do more now. Our bedroom also needs a good overhaul. We have cream walls and it could do with a good injection of colour. I would like to do a feature wall in wallpaper, and generally spruce up the walls. I want to do it NOW lol x

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