Planning For Our Summer Wardrobes

With the promise of a warm Easter on the way (of course I will believe it when I see it!) and Summer hopefully fast approaching that means a very good excuse to not only revamp my dreary looking wardrobe but to add a splash of colour into the children’s too.
Me loosing weight leaves a perfect excuse to search out new clothes and new styles (spurred on by my new dress I brought for last weekend, it would appear that figure hugging bodycon dresses actually make me look ok….who would have thought I would ever say that?)
This Summer I am determined to not live in trousers as I usually do but to brave baring my legs to the world and donning dresses and shorts for a change. 
Of course I will need to invest in some first and of course some fake tan or I’ll not only scare away the sun but all who come close to my milk bottle white legs!
Browsing online for clothes for me I managed to yet again become distracted by children’s clothes – does anyone else do that? I find it very hard to resist – usually it’s girls pretty dresses but just recently boys clothes are becoming more exciting, I’m guessing it may have been this way for a little while but I always found baby boy clothes to be dreary and dull, they were more exciting when Harry reached toddler sized clothes and beyond.
My latest distraction come from who have some very adorable and fashionable clothes for boys and girls.
These are just a few of the clothes I am currently eyeing up for them both:
I can’t decide which bits I have to get but top of list are the butterfly shorts for Emmy and the Union Jack swimmers for Harry.
I actually surprised myself by picking out pretty cool tones and shades for Emmy’s clothes – these would be perfect for summer and can also be teamed with her favourite hot pink sandals and cardigans.
That’s the kids sorted so I guess the next window shop has to be for me – I’ve a little more weight to lose before I get my Summer wardrobe though so it will have to wait a little while.
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18 thoughts on “Planning For Our Summer Wardrobes

  1. What a lovely selection of clothes. I'm the same, starting off looking for myself and buying for the kids instead x

  2. Loving the clothes you have picked out, especially the girls top in the middle! I too always get distracted by the kids clothes section when online shopping lol.


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