Planning Harry’s new bigger and better bedroom

It’s that time of year again, spring has sprung and my thoughts are of spring cleaning.

I always seem to do these things in extremes, either I just don’t bother at all or I end up gutting a room, removing as much as I can and totally moving it around – including all the large furniture, well it seems I am at it again!

Harry is in the small box room of our house and my original plans were to change our spare room into a playroom for both children to share but I have completely changed my mind yet again and decided that as he is getting bigger it would be nice for him to have a space of his own where he can play with his friends.  He had a friend over today to play and they played so nicely in his room, however once they had emptied his toy box there was no room to play and it seemed just unfair to him when we have a large spare room which is just filled with junk and boxes.

My first job is to finally clear the spare room of this clutter – I plan to get rid of 2 bags of rubbish from there a week so that come the Summer holidays I will be ready to crack on and decorate.

Of course the next thing should be working out how to decorate it but in typical me fashion I have jumped to that step straight away as lets face it it’s far more fun and I do love online window shopping.

Here is what I have planned for his room:

Harry's new room
Underneath the junk is actually a very nice sized bedroom, it was actually Paul’s old room when this was his parents home all those years ago.  It is painted a pale blue colour but that would need painting again as it was last done when we moved in 12 years ago and it has a very old and dated carpet which is showing the wear of around 20 years of use. 
I would like to change this for a darker colour blue carpet in the hopes of it hiding some of the wear and stains with come hand in hand with kids. Not a job I am actually comfortable doing myself sadly as I actually would have no idea where to start, and having seen 3 carpet fitters tackling my hall and stairs recently it isn’t something I am ever keen to try so I would be passing that one over to a Flooring contractor in Essex.  As much as I love decorating and making the kids rooms look perfect, it is more the finishing touches I prefer doing – you can see Harry’s Pirate Bedroom here and Emmy’s big girls bedroom here (I actually need to do another room tour as I have changed it around again). I would call on the help of one of our best friends yet again to actually paint the room as he is a painter and decorator and does a far better job than I can – although he is blooming slow and needs to actually come and finish painting my hallway which he started back in September…….he will be getting a call tomorrow now I have remembered.
The room also has a huge built-in wardrobe with a large set of drawers inside, hanging space and shelves too so would be perfect for hiding away many of the kids games and toys.  I plan on having some out ready for Harry to play with such as his cars and trains and hiding away the board games which need adult supervision.

I would love to get the above bed for him as although he does love his current bed I just know he will adore the tent play space underneath – this is from Very and comes in a few different colour options.  My dilemma currently is that while searching Paul found a London Double Decker Bus Bunk bed which is just amazing but just a little too expensive currently but I know he would love that too.

It’s also large enough to add a sofa bed which will be great for reading his bedtime stories on or watching TV but will also give us an extra space for friends to sleepover as he gets bigger, searching around I have found a gorgeous blue 2 seater one from Amazon, and although it’s not the cheapest one I have found it is the only one I actually really like as it looks like it can happily seat an adult too and doesn’t have metal hinges or springs on the pull out bed, I’d like to avoid these as 1 I know it will get jumped on and may not last and 2 I worry about little fingers being trapped.
I now can’t wait to get started and give him a proper playing space of his own and somewhere he can escape his sister.
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One thought on “Planning Harry’s new bigger and better bedroom

  1. Sounds fab! I love Zach's room now that he has a high bed with his toys stored underneath. It has created so much floor space for him to play on and makes his room look much bigger. Look forward to seeing how you get on x

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