Planning head – Holiday inspiration for Emmy’s Birthday 2014

As Emmy’s Birthday is in February I like to plan in advance present ideas so we can make it special as it’s not that long after Christmas.
A few weeks ago I asked Emmy what she wanted for her birthday and without hesitation she said “To go to Butlins”.  You may remember we were Butlins Ambassadors for 2012/2013 and we booked to go just after Emmy’s Birthday so I guess she associates her Birthday with Butlins and she loved it so much that I can’t deny her what she really wants.
She has been telling anyone who will listen where she is going for her birthday, she is that excited that I can’t let her down and to be honest I wouldn’t want to, we all had so much fun.
Emmy & Bonnie Bear, Butlins
Last year we stayed in the Wave Hotel which was wonderful however with Paul only just returning to work we will be trying to keep the costs down a little and to be honest we didn’t actually spend a great deal of time in the hotel.
I’m currently looking at room options, we definitely need 2 bedrooms and Harry will be in a travel cot as he will be almost 15 months old and too small for a bed.  I have been torn between booking rooms only or booking an apartment so we have a kitchen and a front room.  Currently my thinking is booking a room in the Shoreline Hotel as I can’t see us actually needing a kitchen as I will definitely be adding the dining plan – we loved the food options and Emmy loved the freedom of just choosing her own breakfast and dinner, eating as much pasta as she wanted and helping herself to unlimited ice-cream; no wonder she wants to return.
With Emmy being at School we should adhere to the rules and luckily Butlins offers February half term breaks, although we may make the most of being able to take her out of School for the last year that we can get away with it.   We will of course be returning to Bognor Regis as we have friends nearby and because we love it!
Emmy has already looked at the website with me and demanded shown preference for some of the Characters she would like to see – Angelina Ballerina, Billy & Bonnie Bear.  She has also been telling me that Daddy will take her on the water slides again and she will help to teach Harry to swim.
She has plans to take Harry on the aeroplane ride and on the car ride which he was too small for last time;  she has been telling him about how they will sit together at the front of the stage watching the shows and “singing along Harry”.  She has been so cute telling Harry all about the fun they will have and I can’t wait to see their faces.

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