Planning more family holidays

This year is the first in a long time that we have actually booked up most of the School holidays already, we have discovered we really lovely our holidays and half term/school holidays are far easier with pre-booked plans.

We have already been to Cornwall for the February half term, are off to the Cotswolds this weekend, have a family wedding in March, and another in Cornwall at the end of March.

Paul and I are also very excited to have been invited on the launch voyage of the brand new look Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas ship next month – I can’t wait!

Heading off on a cruise has been a dream of mine for a very long time and the more I look into them the more I know the kids would love them too. This mini cruise will give us a chance to explore the ship in all its glory and to decide whether it is something we would actually enjoy as a family, and seeing as Paul and I have just renewed our passports for this trip I have decided it is now time to get the kids their own (they’ve not had them yet as we haven’t needed them), of course I’ve already been browsing deals for family cruises already.

We will also be camping again over the summer holidays as the kids love it so much – and the fact we ALL sleep so well when camping is an added bonus – there is magic powers in all that fresh air.

We have a big family holiday booked for July for my Mum’s 60th birthday, the whole family is going and we all have our own caravans/chalets booked which will be lots of fun, and I am about to book another caravan holiday for October for myself, the kids and my sister and her kids – we have all stayed together at Walton-on-the-Naze for the past few years (leaving our husbands at home) and it is always so much fun. If you’ve never been on a caravan holiday then Our Bucket List Lives has a great guide on what to pack for your caravan holiday which is certainly worth a read.

Emmy does still keep asking to go on an aeroplane and the guaranteed weather and all-inclusive food & drink are swaying me to start thinking ahead to next year and to start a very big saving mission for some family fun, adventures and frolics which we could all do with.

If I ask Emmy where she wants to go she says Disneyland, well she would I guess, Harry says on a plane and Paul would probably say Egypt or Rome/Italy. I’m just not sure at all.

I want it to be hot, but not too hot for the children, a short flight if we do go down that route, have kids clubs and a spa option for the adults for the short amount of time we would get child free. All-inclusive would be wonderful too.

I have begun the search online for possible options and I have realised I’ve a lot of saving to do, it’s not just the holiday I need to save for but the kids need passports. I think my best option is to look into opening a savings account and putting a little away each week

Do you have any suggestions for a family friendly destination, not too far away, school holiday times and which won’t leave me needing to re-mortgage the house?

This is a great year for mini family breaks however next year I want to book a BIG family holiday abroad


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