Planning for my Next Family Car

So, the time has come to think about the possibility of getting a new family car. What with the kids growing so fast and us needing more space, it’s tricky to make a decision with so many different factors to consider. With this in mind, I thought I’d produce a post about the stages I’ve gone through in planning for our new family car so when the time comes and you are possibly planning for your new one, you’ll know what to think about too. Here’s our main concerns, and the things we thought are most important to look for in searching for a new family run around:


A family car has a huge responsibility for transporting all of your most precious cargo so you’ll need to know 100% that it’s safe and reliable. I’ve found a good way to be certain is to have a HPI check on any cars you’re considering buying from a private seller as you’ll find out everything about the cars true history and the dealer won’t be able to pull the wool over your eyes – after all they are after a quick sale so may not be 100% truthful in order to grab that quick sale.

Safety Features

When it comes to safety features, a family car needs to be equipped with all the best and latest safety features. From a reversing camera to lane departure warning signals, sufficient airbags and cruise control, there’s so many new safety features out there making sure your new vehicle has as many of them as possible is paramount to protecting your family. I’ll be making a list and making sure any vehicles we look at are fully equipped. Once you have chosen and paid for your new/second hand car the Car Genie from the AA is a great addition to have and will instantly tell you of any car faults you have.

Is it Dog Friendly?

With Barney in tow we need to ensure that our family car is dog friendly and spacious enough for him to fit in too. Easy to clean upholstery is an essential, as muddy paw prints can be a nightmare to clean off of leather seats. A spacious boot for all his bedding, food, water bowl and toys when we head off on holiday are essential as there is nothing worse than running out of room and of course it is illegal to transport pets incorrectly in your car.

How many Miles are on the Clock?

Whilst we are not looking for a brand-new car, it’s important to us that the ‘new car’ (new to us) doesn’t have too many miles on the clock as we want a car we know has a lot of life left in it so we are able to enjoy it as a family.

So, with all this to think about shopping for a new family car is harder than you think. Remember to always put the safety and well-being of your family first and good luck on your search! It is always worth paying a little extra for your family’s safety.

**Collaborative post**


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