Planning your UK staycation

Staycation’s are becoming a very popular choice in the holidays as holidaying abroad if often very expensive and they are a good way of getting to know new places you may not have visited in the UK.

With this in mind the Travelodge are now featuring a handy Staycation planning app – which can be found here.

This app features 12 different UK locations and features facts, attractions, events, sights, activities and restaurant’s in that area, as well as the local Travelodges.

The UK locations featured are: London, Brighton, Bournmouth, Torquay, Newquay, Cardiff, Bristol, The Cotswolds, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Lake District & Edinburgh.

Using my closest location here are the things you can find out about to do and see around the city.

Main Sights:

  • Big Ben & Houses of Parliament
  • Buckingham Palace
  • St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Tower of London
  • Harrods

Events: (choose your month)
August (for example)

  • Notting Hill carnival (25th-26th Aug)
  • Kids Week 2013 (1st-31st Aug)


  • Alexander Palace
  • London Zoo
  • Madame Tussaud’s
  • The National Gallery
  • The Tate

You can also find fun fact’s and travel tips.

So if you are planning on having a UK staycation why not look at the planning app to help choose activities and local attractions to make your stay more memorable.

I’m sure I could personally find a few more main attraction’s to add as well event’s and activities, however this is my city so I know what is around and visit it often, it would however be a perfectly acceptable list to a new visitor


Lindsay had a lovely family staycation at the Jury’s Inn in Newcastle – you can read all about it in her post here.

“This post was written in collaboration with Travelodge”


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