Play Time – the wonders of creative play

We are really lucky here and our house is rather large, this means that whatever the weather we can enjoy a fun filled playtime.
If it’s too wet or cold to play outside then we can bring the fun inside with us and if the children make a mess…..then hey its only mess and it can be cleaned up later on.
Letting the children’s creativity shine through is one of the most important thing’s in our house.
Our walls are covered in their pictures and drawings – some may say it’s a mess and looks unattractive but we want to show the kids that their art matters.  Whatever they make and create is fantastic.
The heart of our home is Mess….you can’t have two kids and have a tidy house, well you may do BUT where is the fun?
Here is our fun.
Messy and creative fun! 

By letting the children be creative and make mess they are learning the most important life skills I could possibly teach them – to use their imaginations and to have FUN!  It is all good and well to show the children how to play, to set up activities for them however I feel it is very beneficial to let them create their own play.  Afterall, there is no right or wrong way to play!

This is our entry into the Toyella Christmas Bloggers competition hosted by My Mills Baby


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