Playmobil Advent Calendar Review

Last year Emmy really loved her Playmobil Advent Calendar, being Ambassadors we had to of course unbox this before Christmas however I did this before she arrived home from school and we put it together as a team.

This year we did exactly the same with the new Advent Calendar. I chose to do it this was as otherwise she would thought it acceptable to unbox her chocolate advent all in one day, or her Frozen beauty advent, which of course no parent wants to happen.


Emmy received the new calendar for this year ‘Dress Up Party’ – behind each of the 24 door are different items to make a dressing room complete with gowns, wigs and even make-up.

Before you open the doors you will find a cardboard dressing room area for which to place all of your items.

pm-advent-01playmobil-xmas-adventEach door contains a small element of the dressing room, with some days containing larger items than others.

I advise placing this on a shelf as the pieces are small and could easily get lost.  It will take a good few days until you have enough to start playing with.

The outfits are easy to not only hang on the hangers but to put on the models too, just pull the two pieces apart to unclip and then press back together again.

pm-advent-09Emmy has really loved this set, she loves dressing up herself so this was perfect for her.

It includes everything she needed to completely transform her Playmobil figures from dresses, skirts, wigs, hats, watches, make-up, bags, necklaces and much more.

Because the pieces are so small it is very easy for them to get lost, Emmy has this on her chest of drawers in her room so that Harry can’t get hold of it.

A very lovely set and a nice change the traditional chocolate advent calendars.

Playmobil, a top manufacturer within preschool toys have a selection of different advent calendars, priced at £19.99.


Disclaimer: I am a Playmobil Playologist


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